EMHS Talent Show sponsored by Shelor Motor Mile


Kayla Shull, writer

On October 3rd, The EMHS talent show was held in front of a record breaking crowd attendance! The people who showed up bravely to perform were all tremendous. The crowd show a great response to all performers on the stage.

The first person up was, Isabel McGuyer. She sang, “Once Upon a December” that night. She has a good voice that I loved. I bet the three judges there thought the same thing. Her voice was soft and sweet like a flower. She was on rhythm and the beat was solid all the was through. My thought was, “She will do great tonight. I’m am very proud of her.” The people in the audience thought she was amazing as well. 

The second contestant was Laney Edwards and she song “Hallelujah.” Now, when I was in the back, her voice was very loud and clear so people could her. I thought she was very talented and it looked like she was having a good time. The three judges were smiling like their faces were going to fall off. She did not miss any notes and still her voice was loud and clear. The audience was quite amazed with her. In the past, when she was at the middle school, she performed in front of the school and her talent has continued to improve.  I can’t wait to see her perform again next year!

Senior Bri Pack sang, “Stars” by Skillet.  Bri had a lot of stage presence and confidence, so she must have had experience singing in front of others before.  When asked about her reason for participating, “ I was inspired to share my voice with the public.” Her song choice was very powerful and moving. Bri stated that the best part of participating was, “when we were backstage keeping others calm and goofing off.”

The next contestant was Damian Claxton. He played the piano and sang Prince’s “Purple Rain,” with a slideshow of Prince in the background. When Damian was at the middle school for the talent show he play “Say Something.” I hope that one day  he will become famous for his talent. The song that he was playing was a tribute to Prince because he passed away, and he will be remembered for his musical achievements.

Brooke Webster played the piano and sang, “I Am Not Alone.” When asked  if she’d every performed in front of a big crowds before, she replied, “Yes. I play piano and sing at church once every month, but I am expecting more people to be at the big talent show. I think when I play at the big talent show that it will probably be the biggest crowd I have performed in front of.” Brooke played that piano with her heart filled with joy. Brooke also exclaimed, “The best part of being in the talent show for me was being able to play and sing about what is most important in my life and that is my faith.”

Annalyse McHone wowed the audience with her piano playing and singing of the song, “Blessed Be the Name of the Lord.” Annalyse says, “It has always been a passion to sing and play the piano in front of people.”  Even though she says she was nervous, she revealed that it was a fun experience, and once she started playing, she felt she could do anything. She was amazing and hopefully she will play for the school sometime this year.  That way, everyone can hear the talented Annalyse.

The final contestant, Zach Ingram, played “Losing My Religion” on the acoustic guitar. Zach came out on that stage calm and ready to go.  He was very prepared. Zach is a good guitar player, and he did his best with that. When he was playing, he wasn’t nervous at all and you could tell the crowd was proud of him.

At the end of the evening, the judges had a very hard call to make.  I would not have wanted to be in their shoes.  After they calculated scores, Damian Claxton won first place and Brooke Webster took home second place.  When asked how he felt about winning three years in a row, Damian replied, “Winning feels great, but sometimes it’s not always about winning. It’s about doing what you love to do. Never under estimate the loving talent East Mont has to offer. We are all unique and we offer different things to the table.” Both of these fine Mustangs will head to the big competition in Christiansburg, November 5th, for the Shelor Motor Mile Talent Competition.  We wish them both the best of luck and congratulate all of the fine performers. Damian’s advice for preparing for the big event is, “You need to breath, practice even though you may think you know your song. A lot of people show up you don’t want to do a mistake that you could have been preparing not to do. Pray for the good, you win or you don’t, pray that you do your best. Make sure you get timing down and try to make your quality of entertainment the best it has ever been! I wish everyone in the 2016 Growing The Future Talent Show the best of luck! It’s Game Time!!!!!!!!”

~Kayla Shull