Calypso’s Heartbreak


Kayla Shull

Odyssey Books 1-10

Laralye Calloway, contributing writer

Comic Strip artwork by Kayla Shull and “The Sirens” vase Artwork by Eddie Ruiz, both inspired by The Odyssey

Calypso’s point of view 

Ever since the Titans vs Gods war, I have been so poorly treated. I am the daughter of Titan Atlas, so the Gods feel the need to bully me because they
won  the war. They sent me to my own island called Ogygia. I am not alone as I  have several maids but no men. When I saw Odysseus float upon my island, I was immediately attracted to him, for it has been centuries since I have seen a man with my own two eyes. I was in awe. I have been so very lonely and when I saw him, my heart burst. I was shocked honestly. I made my way towards him.”Water, I need water.” he cried. “Fetch him water.” I told my maids. They were staring at him as if he was fresh food. “My apologies this is their first time seeing a man.” “Might I say su
ch a handsome man.” The maids came back with  a fresh bag of water.

He hastily drank the water as it dripped down his face.”

— Calypso

He looked so handsome. I couldn’t help but to smile. “And your name?” I questioned. “Odysseus, m’am.’’ he replied shyly.  “And yours?” he stared right into my eyes. I melted. “Calypso.” I said dazed. “Do think you can help me get home? My wife is waiting for my return to Troy.” I snap out of it. “Wife?” “Yes’m my wife Penelope.” “You can leave now Mr. Odysseus.” “Oh, but I need your help. My ship is broken to pieces the size of marbles. Please Calypso. Help me.” My heart broke inside. “My apology but I cannot.” I turned away wiping the tears off my face.


Odysseus’ point of view

It feels as if I have been floating upon this raft for years yet seconds all at once. As I finally feel my eyes get heavy, I am woken up by a loud crackle. Lightning strikes right behind me. *BOOM* “Zeus! Forgive me my gods of what I’ve done.” *BOOM* Right beside me this time. I cover my head and  just pray I do not die. *BOOM* “Zeus! I’m so very sorry!” As I pray myself to sleep I am woken up by my undying need for water. “Water, I need water.” I cry. “Someone please. I need water.” “Fetch him water.” Her voice was lovely. I look up as I am handed a bag of water. I drank it as if it was the best thing I  have ever tasted.  “And your name?” She asked. “Odysseus m’am.” I say shocked by her beauty. I had to look up. “And yours?”  “Calypso.” Of course a beautiful name for a beautiful lady. “Do you think you can help me get home? My wife is waiting for my return to Troy.” She turned white. Why did I say that. I’m dumb and she’s hurt.”Wife?” she barely cracks out. I swallow hard.”Yes’m my wife Penelope.” Her face turns dark. “You can leave now Mr.Odysseus.”My chest feels heavy.”Oh, but I need your help.”

Why are these words coming out my mouth? ”

— Odysseus

I don’t intend them to. My ship is broken into tiny pieces the  size of marbles. “Please Calypso. Help Me.”My heart broke inside; I don’t want to leave. I want to stay here…with her. Penelope was almost a figment of my imagination.”My apology, but I cannot.” I stand there with tears running down my face as she walks away.