Eastmont and Radford High Schools Game Design Collaboration


David Guard, Staff Writer

EMHS and Radford High School students teamed up to design a working game with strangers from another school. Mrs. Wohlford of EMHS and Mrs. Eller of Radford High organized this co-school project for students.  A lot of time, game design requires a lot of independent computer work, but not with this project.  Students worked together from their respective schools, with a partner from the other school, in the 2017 spring semester. This was a way to increase communication skills, and also get ideas and help with individual game designing. In the end, they met at Radford High School to look at what everyone had done, and see their partner for the first time.

A lot of participants enjoyed the process. When asked about his experience, Brian Basham stated, “At first I didn’t want to do it, but it turned out to be fun, especially the field trip.” Brian also explained that he emailed and used google docs to communicate with his partner, and that he did the art and sound for his project. Derek Blevins enjoyed getting together with his partner and playing the game they made.

Eugene Lane said that game design is a means of creation, and he did all the art for his game.”

— Eugene Lane

All in all, this game design class, as well as this project, sound great for any students that are interested in video games, and it’s a great opportunity.