Elsie Byrd, staff writer

I hate my lines.

I hate my curves.

I hate all these judging words.


I close my eyes and wish that life was just a white canvas with positive colors and friendly tones.

I wish I could shape my emotions in the way I shape clay.

I wish I could style my words in a way you would understand.

I feel like I’m trapped in a snowglobe.

Of course, you know of a snow globe.  

We all have an image of what they are supposed to look like.

Sound familiar boys and girls?


Guys are gentlemen that protect and aren’t allowed to feel.

Girls should have the perfect body and an imaginary personality.

Depression takes advantage of us and is developed through self image.

I wish I could change society as easily as I can erase pencil marks.


Being trapped in a snowglobe is like being trapped in a society being twisted and turned–constantly sitting upon the shelf with no  effort to change the surroundings.

You’re just an object now.

The moment you try; you fall back down with everyone’s opinion.

Then when you do escape, you find yourself wanting back in–in the safe environment–

Where harsh looks and hate comments are just a story told and not a rumor sold.

It’s wrong to be a young mom but okay to be a young dad.

It’s bad for boys to play with dolls but okay for girls to wear barely any clothes.

Life is twisted and you’re constantly being turned around or set back.


Fanboy, Fangirl,

We are just playing with toys.

Remember that actor you love?They are just a puppet to the master’s hand.

Just the door to the dark room.

Stereotyped and sold to us to use.

To bragg and inspire.

To shame and guilt us. Influence us.

Make us lazy and pitiful.

Don’t get me wrong –I’m guilty too.

Please tell me what to do? Do any of us really know?

Is anybody actually trying?

I’m stuck. Are you?