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Got Accessories?

September 1, 2017

Teens like to have certain items that go with their personality and describe who they really are. Some girls might like to carry around their favorite bag and some might like to decorate their phone case. Boys usually like to wear a certain type of shoe design or clothing brand because it portrays them to look more athletic or it makes them look like they belong to a certain group.

David and His Belt

David Guard is a 17 year old man that doesn’t like to use accessories except for his belt. His belt is black and it goes with anything he wears. He can wear a tuxedo and it won’t look wrong. He can wear jeans and a tee shirt and it won’t look bad because black matches everything. In school, he is never late. Wanna know why he’s never late? Because he doesn’t have to constantly worry about pulling up his pants and that allows him to make it to class more quickly. Making it back from art all the way to English is the hardest path he has to take during the day, so knowing that his favorite accessory is there to support him throughout his journey is reassuring for him. “My things are designer,”as said by David when asked how much he paid for his accessory.   


Laura’s Necklace

Laura Pettus, a senior at Eastern Montgomery High, agrees girls accessorize more than boys. Laura doesn’t have any accessorized friends. She says, “I don’t talk to many people”. She has never made her own accessory but, her boyfriend purchased her most expensive accessory. She mostly does her hair for an accessory, but she doesn’t accessorize much. Her favorite accessory is a hemp necklace with a mushroom in the middle. She always prefers black accessories. She always wears jackets. Her most expensive accessory costs little, only $10 because she doesn’t buy a lot of accessories. She says she accessorizes the beginning of the school year. She says people are too accessorized when they wear more than one ring, necklace and more than one other accessory. Her favorite accessories come from shops and she doesn’t have a spot to keep them because she just moved into a new house. Her accessories reflect her personality by a Yin/Yang, she believes in it. She pays $6/month for accessories, and she just picks what accessories to wear.

Shannon’s Accessories

Here at East Mont, most students love to accessorize with watches, hats, and shoes. The most we see now are hats. Boys and girls are rocking the hat style. I’ve been told that a hat is the go to accessory for many reasons. Bed head is a reason, the hat matches, it puts an outfit together, or just their lifestyle. Every person has their own way of style when it comes to accessorizing. Shannon Healy says that her favorite accessory is her infinity necklace.  She is either always wearing her earrings or her necklace. She says the only time she isn’t is during cheer. By wearing her necklace she says it makes her outfit complete and she feels weird when not wearing them.

Desarae and Her Technology

Desarae’s favorite accessory is her phone. She says, “It counts as an accessory because I always have it with me.” Desarae loves her phone dearly and will never ever part with it. It has a sky blue case so it doesn’t match anything. But according to Desarae, “That does NOT matter.” She is always on her phone stalking someone’s Instagram or Snapchatting her friends that live too far away. Her accessory will always be with her, along like most other teenagers.

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