Laura’s Necklace

September 15, 2017

Laura Pettus, a senior at Eastern Montgomery High, agrees girls accessorize more than boys. Laura doesn’t have any accessorized friends. She says, “I don’t talk to many people”. She has never made her own accessory but, her boyfriend purchased her most expensive accessory. She mostly does her hair for an accessory, but she doesn’t accessorize much. Her favorite accessory is a hemp necklace with a mushroom in the middle. She always prefers black accessories. She always wears jackets. Her most expensive accessory costs little, only $10 because she doesn’t buy a lot of accessories. She says she accessorizes the beginning of the school year. She says people are too accessorized when they wear more than one ring, necklace and more than one other accessory. Her favorite accessories come from shops and she doesn’t have a spot to keep them because she just moved into a new house. Her accessories reflect her personality by a Yin/Yang, she believes in it. She pays $6/month for accessories, and she just picks what accessories to wear.

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