IT New VS. Old: Why The New It Is Better Than The TV Mini series


Daniel Gadd, Writer

Stephen King is an amazing horror novel writer. He has wrote amazing horror novels that would have you shaking in your seats just reading those novels. One of these novels is IT, One of his best selling books, is about a clown that terrorizes the small little town of Dairy. There are two adaptions of the book in media.

The new IT movie and how it compare to the original TV.

Some of the differences appear in the new movie. Firstly one of the main differences is that this new adaption of IT is a movie, not a TV series. The new  really hits on them as little kids rather then their whole life as the book and tv series does. The new adaption also takes place in 1988 rather than the tv adaption takes place in 1960.

Some of the similarites in the new adaption

The new adaption has a lot of differences but the similarity of the new movie and old series. One of the main similarities of the new adaption is that they have the same setting as in the book and TV series. Another main similarities is that they still have the main enemy as in the movie as in the book and TV series. Lastly a similarities the new movie has compared to the old TV series is that they still keep all the main characters as in the book.

The final conclusion

The new IT movie did the old movie justice by bringing the story to a new generation of people but still managed to keep some the similarities in tack.