Review of NBA 2K17

Review of NBA 2K17

Justin Tyree, contributing writer

NBA 2K17 is a great game! It’s a really fun filled game with lots of competition. You can play with your friends online, or you can play by yourself. I totally recommend this game.

The pros of NBA 2k17 is that you can play with your friends, have something to do when your bored, and it has many gameplay options. People who like sports would enjoy this game. I am a big fan of sports and I totally love it. It has great graphics and you can make your own player just the way you like.

The only bad thing about NBA 2K17 is the online servers. If you don’t have great internet, you will lag all the time. So if you get this game and you are trying to play online, I advise you to have good internet, so you don’t always lag out of the game and lose.

Overall, I would totally recommend this game. It is great for playing with your friends or family. It has many gameplay options, great graphics, and it’s just a good game overall. So if you are a sports fan looking an entertaining game to play, I would totally go out and buy NBA 2K17!