Elizabeth Brammer, Writer

This is the story of over-achiever Liv Moore who attends one single party that changed her life forever! What do you think happened to Liv? Is she okay? Watch to find out!

Liv Moore is a former over-achiever medical resident who attended a party one night that ended up being a brain-eating frenzy! Determined to pass as a human, she quits her job as a nurse and applies for a job at the coroner’s office where she can secretly and peacefully feed on the dead. She tries her best to keep this massive secret eating her alive. She leaves her fiance Major Lilly-white and heads for her new job. Liv tried her best to keep her distance from her boss Ravi but Liv was having her daily snack when Ravi walked in and found her snacking on brains! Soon after she eats the brains, she realizes she can see their past memories before they passed, certain objects can activate a vision. To keep her newfound and trusted friend, Detective Babino, she poses as a psychic to keep him off of her trail. They soon work together and use Liv’s visions to help find murderers of the bodies at the coroner’s office.

If you like zombies and brains this is the show for you! Every new episode is something new and will keep would dying for more. Watch to follow Liv on her lively adventure.

“I’m ready to feel again, anything good or bad!”

– Liv Moore