Why Don’t We

Why Dont We

Why Don’t We is a band made up of five boys names Jack Avery, 18, Zach Herron, 16, Daniel Seavey, 18, Corbyn Besson, 18, and lastly Jonah Marais, 19. Jack Avery admits that one day they were all hanging out together that one of the boys said “Let’s make a band” and the boys replied with “Why Don’t We”. At first glance, the band may seem like another boy band like One Direction but the new generation. But the band was assembled on September 27, 2016, each of the boys featured in the band previously recorded as a solo artist before joining together for the band. There two most popular songs they have produced is Something Different that has 27,329,768 views and Nobody Gotta Know that has 15,718,878 views, although these songs are catchy the fan-girls is a plus side to the fame of being a popular boy band that drives these girls wild, speaking of “These Girls”, it is one of their new songs that came out about three weeks ago and already has 19,601,823 views! Something Different is their most popular song out at the moment but they won’t stop there this is just the beginning of their career. Suspect more out of these boys and follow them throughout their music career because these boys are “Something Different!”