It’s Fall!!

Who Looks Forward to it More? Young Women or Men?


Shannon Healy

-Rain Boots!- Sophomore, Hunter Haas finally has an excuse to wear her rain boots! She says that she has been waiting for Fall so she can finally get them out of the closet and have another fashion choice to choose from. When asked what her go-to look for fall, Haas was blunt about it, "Rain boots, jeans, and a flannel"

Shannon Healy, Writer and Photographer

Fall, one of the most sought after seasons, the one that usually adolescent girls look forward to in the year. Is this true? Do girls look forward to this season more than guys do?

I have conducted interviews on three girls and three guys that go to EMHS so that I can observe and compare similarities and differences for this assignment. The result that I think that this “experiment” will come to is that young women look forward to fall more than most young men do. I believe this is true because girls are usually more worried about their appearance and with what comes along with being apart of a fashion trend. Fall has become a new fashion trend of wearing hoodies/flannels, black leggings, and *shudder* Uggs.

After the interviews that I have performed, I have come to a conclusion. From the answers that I got and after comparing all of the interviews, Fall is the most favored season out of them all. To answer my hypothesis of this “experiment”, the majority of the answers I got from Question 4 of my interview (Do you think young girls or guys look forward to Fall more? Why?) were that in fact, young women do look forward to Fall more than young men. .