How Seniors Feel About School

Sam Cerva

Sam Cerva, Madison Smith, Morgan Melton, Ashley Cunningham, Videographer/Journalists

In yearbook class, we were assigned to try a video project using Wevideo and interview our peers about anything we were curious about dealing with students’ lives. The topic we chose was Senioritis. Why did we choose this topic? The main reason is because we wanted to know what the seniors do, and how they feel about school since it is their last year.

Some seniors perform in after school activities like sports. Some other seniors just focus on work in school to get ready to graduate. Fewer seniors do both, or neither. When they focus on one thing in school or neither, we call it Senioritis. It is common in most people to stop caring about some things when they are close to graduating. Check out what a few seniors have to say about their “senioritis.”