Reflections of 2017

Sam Cerva


Sam Cerva, writer

Writer’s perspective: In the year 2017 I started a new sport; track, which is my favorite sport. I got to try many new things I have never done before, like weightlifting for the first time. There were many more things I have never done before like learning to cook using the stove and the oven. I have also started doing yearbook, in that class I made many new friends, and got to know more about my friends with interviews, which was another result of track and managing boys basketball. I also worked on newspaper because I enjoy writing and there is more work in yearbook.

My interest in music has never been bigger before. Music is something that would always excite me. I use the songs for inspiration, depending on the lyrics, like “Better Place” by Rachel Platten, because it taught me how we can always improve, no matter what, which is my advice. I have also showed more improvement in golf. The whole team improved as well, as we made it to regionals, and Haley made it to girls’ states. Another important experience is for the first time in my life, I have went down to Atlanta, and met family members I haven’t met in person. The best part of anytime in life is hanging with friends, especially my best friends, and making new ones, which is why track was the best part. Another reason why track was so good was also because some of my best friends have tried my favorite sport and they did something I have never seen them do.

My hopes and wishes for the future is that I can perform new activities I have never done before. I also hope to show improvement in everything that I have done and show everyone what a hard-working and caring person that I am, even discover who I am deeper inside because there may be more about me that even I don’t know. I even hope that one day, everyone will understand hard work, understand each other’s traits better and understand the importance of how friendship, education, trying new things, and selflessness can affect others in a positive way. This past year, I have been more outgoing in playing school sports for the first time, visiting activities I have never gone to, like Homecoming because part of those involved making many new friends.

Here are some of my friends that have shared their 2017 experiences, and their hopes and wishes for the future:

  1. Elsie has done track her freshmen year in high school

    Elsie Byrd told me that her rewarding experience was being able to do things with her friends and even make new ones, she also loved trying new things and having new opportunities. “It was exciting that I traveled with my friends, and making new friends. I got to join new clubs like Save the Next Girl and Awareness. In Awareness, I met the women that created the club and heard their stories. I enjoyed the part where we could make new friends, knowing that a lot of people would help spread the awareness and show their support. My hopes and wishes involve helping me figure out who I am, who I want to be, figure out what job I want and take my friends along with me. The most challenging part was when I tried not to care about the little things and just have fun because I don’t regret anything and I don’t want to let anything drag me down. I feel like that is what everybody struggles with. This past year has taught me that everything changes, nothing is set in stone. Just be true to yourself, and don’t listen to others’ opinions.”

  2. Sophomore Daniel Gadd achieves a belt in Tae kwon Do.

    Daniel Gadd said that he got to try track. He enjoyed it because it was something else to do. “I went to Florida and I went to the beach down there, that was exciting. I had a job as an instructor at Tae Kwon Do, so that is important. Summer was the best part of the year because I got to see my family and lots of my friends. My hopes and wishes involve trying new things and figure out where I want the future to take me. The rewarding moments of the year was when I was teaching the younger kids about self-defense. After training hard, I got my belt after passing the test.”

  3. Sophomore Shannon Healy poses at the East Mont vs Covington game.

    Shannon Healy said that it was exciting when she went to Tennessee, and spent the winter break with her mom. “I finally got to do a sport in general. I liked it when I was cheering football. That summer I got to go to James Madison University, that was a fun experience. This was the first year I actually cheered for football, and the things I enjoyed were making new friends, and feeling magic on Friday nights at football games. I hope that I can be a little bit more outgoing and that I can explore my surroundings by trying new things. This year, I have been more expressive with myself and my own beliefs and that I have tried new things. One thing I found challenging was being a straight A student in the first semester, but I ended up working really hard and got what I worked for.”

  4. Sophomore Eduardo Ruiz makes a run for cross country

    Eddie Ruiz hopes that he can accomplish all of his classes and become more social. “Some exciting things that happened to me was trying out for sports, which was the best part because I never played any school sports prior and I went into things out of my comfort zone. The sports I did also helped me get in shape while meeting new people. One important moment that happened to me was that I have taken my interest in engineering and architecture seriously, also, the classes I chose surround my future career. The sports I did were cross country, track, and basketball. What I found rewarding was finally settling in high school. Sports were very challenging, but I have been more fit than I was.”

  5. Hunter Haas and Eddie Ruiz on the court for 10th grade.

    Hunter Haas said one important experience was that she got closer to her family members. “That was also the best part. One thing I did for the first time was track, which was one of the most challenging parts, but I really enjoyed hanging out with friends and doing something I haven’t done before. I hope to not be so nervous in meeting new people. I feel better about myself, that is how I felt about the year. “