The Highlight of School: Senior Class of 2018


This year’s graduating seniors at East Mont.

Every year, seniors in high school graduate and move on to pursue their dreams. This year, the senior class of 2018 are close to finishing their last year in high school. Everyone has a dream, so they should be remembered and praised for working hard to succeed in their dreams. Everyone holds a memorable moment everywhere they go, even one simple step can create a moment so unforgettable, that it could change their lives. When the seniors graduate, they should be remembered for working hard in the school and anything they were famous in the school for. We shall hope that the seniors succeed in their dreams, and always remember anything they were praised for.

Below here are some of the seniors’ perspectives, their experiences, and their dreams.

  1. Livia Hoff dreams to be a game designer (Writer’s quote: “Me too! Sort of.”). “My greatest experience in school was having friendships with different cultures. Playing volleyball and learning to work with the team is something I will never forget. I enjoyed being with the people in the school and talking with them. Everything is different from Brazil, but the teachers were really great and I feel like school here would be fun too. Besides volleyball, I volunteered at Fishersville in the hospital, and I loved it the most. Learning the language was really challenging, but it’s really good to learn other languages, which is part of my advice. My parents have inspired me to accomplish my goals. I am grateful about all the opportunities that my old school and this school have given me.”
  2. Jayme Honaker dreams to be a dental hygienist. “The after school activities I have done were cross country, track, and cheerleading. For cheer, the best experiences were cheering with my team on Friday night football games, which was also my best experience in school, and all around my sports. They also helped me meet new people and learn new things. Cheer practices have been my most memorable moments. The tests that teachers give us were challenging because, help us push our knowledges to the limit. The SOL tests are the best examples of this, and they help us learn for our future. My advice is to always feel confident about yourself and what you do in order to reach your goals. School has inspired me to go for higher educations. I am grateful for all the teachers that have pushed me so far in my life.
  3. One of Tyler Mannon’s most memorable moments in school was when he moved to Eastern Montgomery from Bedford. He still has some of the friends that he made back then. “Playing sports, and being with my friends have been truly a great experience, and I also enjoyed singing on choir. The sports I played were basketball, football, track and cross country and my best experiences were all-around. Those experiences involve having good teammates, all the bus rides we went on, and the matches we played. The sports also helped me become a leader and make new friends. All the teachers I had and what they taught me were quite challenging, since because they helped me get closer to my dream job, which is to be a computer engineer. My advice is to listen to the older ones, there is no use in having trouble with them or making them have trouble. You should also be well-behaved and disciplined, because the teachers actually want to help you. School has inspired about how I looked to the teachers that taught me. The main thing I am grateful for is all my friends being there to experience the same thing with me.”
  4. Gillian Nichols and Seneca Bower won the skills USA award in Cosmetology.

    Seneca Bower enjoyed hanging with all of her friends. “Going to the Friday night football games were really great experiences since because I loved to cheer. I am grateful for taking Cosmetology, since it will help me with my dream career, which is to own my own hair salon. Taking the hardest test in cosmetology to pass my state board was the most challenging activity in school. Cheering football and basketball games is my life, I really enjoyed calling the cheers to support our team, even when I was younger. I also participated in track and field. School has inspired me by taking myself further into education and my advice is to always soak in to education, listen to the teachers, and there’s nothing wrong with having fun, as long as you don’t have too much.”

  5. Gillian Nichols said that her most challenging moments were trying to not procrastinate from school work. “I will never forget any of the friends I made here at Eastern Montgomery, and I am grateful for having good teachers. I did cross country, track and Cosmetology. Seneca Bower and I won the skills USA award in Cosmetology, and the best experiences I learned from the sports were learning to work as a team. I want to be a hair stylist after I graduate. My greatest experiences were enjoying the classes and I enjoyed the aspect of learning. School inspired me by learning that hard work pays off, and my advice is focus on your work early and get it in on time.”
  6. One piece of advice that Rosie Castillo would like to share is that it always gets better. “I really enjoyed hanging with the friends I have right now, and meeting them was the greatest experience. I have done Track last year and this year, and it was the first after school activity I did. I am grateful for those people on the team, and pushing myself through the experiences I went through. School has really expanded my perspective and it has inspired me by introducing new experiences. I have not decided my dream job at the moment.”
  7. Karlee Hungate is most grateful for the teachers that actually taken interest in their students. “My greatest experiences were cheering in football and basketball games, the bus rides back from away games, which is also my most memorable moment, and being a part of the team, which also applies to my cheer experiences. Cheer has given me something to do, and helped me make new friends. Homework was the most challenging part of school. School has inspired me to do my best. I dream to become a registered nurse. My advice is to never give up, and even if you don’t think it will, lots of work will help you, and think yourself as part of a team.”