Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniors Until The End

Sam Cerva


Class of 2020.

Sam Cerva and Daniel Gadd

Freshmen are finishing their first year in high school. This year, they made new friends, and discovered new interests. High school to them is a lot like an open door to pursue their dreams. Sophomores are no different than that, other than they are halfway through high school, and prepare to challenge themselves in order to pursue their dreams and improve in general. Juniors, however, are reaching their last year of high school. Once the year ends, they only have one year left, and they hope to make the best of it and be able to pursue their dreams, time flies doesn’t it?

Writer’s point of view: I am a sophomore this year, and the greatest experiences in school are meeting new people, trying new things and getting along with friends. My freshman year was my first year in doing any after school activities. I play golf, manage boys basketball and I run and throw the shot put in track. Everything that I enjoyed about them was meeting new people and making new friends, both on the EMHS team and on the other team. Being pushed to go beyond the limit was really challenging, and doing those sports helped me make new friends, become a better multi-tasker, and find something else I wish to do other than video games. Golf, track and weightlifting were the most challenging moments in school so far because, I was being pushed to the limit, and they helped me become more of an athlete even as much as I am a video gamer. My most memorable moment so far was my entire freshman year since because I started sports for the first time and made so many new friends. My most memorable moments are also doing newspaper and yearbook work. I also participated in Lip-Sync battle this year.

The dream job that I will most likely pursue is to be TV show script writer and be a voice actor. More possible dreams include being a music star (which would likely come after the TV show script writing job, or be the only one I will pursue), or develop video games. I am grateful for all the friends I made back in my freshman year, which is also how school inspired me, by making new friends because encouragement is key to create better success. What I plan on doing next year is singing in the talent show, and I will be doubling up on some classes to get ready for college. In fact, I am taking an AP/DE course next year. I will also play piano starting my junior year. Here are some pieces of advice I want to share: “Don’t let anything hold you down, make the best of it because that helps you keep faith in yourself. Faith is key to develop skills and pursue your dreams. Even if you don’t want to do something, you should always put in your best effort into it, and even if you keep failing, don’t give up, because there is always success. Last but not least, if you want to become a true expert, take one step at a time and most importantly, remind yourself that things can always get better.”

Here are students, two of each year, that shared their experiences and what they pursue

  1. One of freshmen, Darion Moore’s greatest experiences were playing sports. “One memorable moment I have in school was playing varsity football. I have never run the ball during the season before this year, so that was exciting. I enjoy seeing my friends and talking to them all while going to classes, and doing activities. I play football, basketball, and I weightlift. The most challenging parts on those sports is when you make it on varsity. That is hard for freshmen, but it helps us push through the limit. Paying attention to education has rewarded me by getting closer to my dream, which is being a professional basketball player. I am grateful for all the friends I made because they helped me get through almost everything. My plans for next year involve taking an advanced math class, getting into some honors classes to help me get ready for college, and improve in the sports I played.
  2. Sydney Mcginty shows her cheerleading skills in Basketball halftime.

    Freshmen, Sydney Mcginty has only done cheer after school so far. The most challenging experiences were using the stunts they have done, and learning all the cheers. “Homecoming and cheer were the greatest experiences that I can think of and traveling to the football games are somethings that I will never forget too. I enjoy my Art class very much. I have been able to get good grades and cheer at the same time, so I’ll be able to pursue my dreams if I keep it up, that dream is to have a degree in nursing. I am grateful for being able to cheer, and being able to hang with my friends. My advice that school taught me is to always try your hardest.”

  3. Freshman Elli Underwood’s plans for the rest of high school are taking challenging courses and getting an advanced diploma. “I enjoy spending time with my friends and being a part of my classes. Going to clubs and having basketball season were my greatest experiences. The other sports I did were volleyball and soccer, my most challenging experiences were having to work hard, the rival teams, and the challenges we faced as a team. Doing those sports taught me how to be a leader, help me be a better athlete and my time-management skills. I haven’t decided my dream job yet, but it may deal with sports. I am grateful for having good teachers at this school. My advice is to find something you like and just keep working towards your goals.”
  4. Sophomore, Laralye Calloway dreams to be either a nurse, an activity director, a teacher, or anything else where she can help people. “Cheer and making new friends were my greatest experiences so far. Cheer is one of my most memorable moments because it was really fun with all the stunts we did. That was also the only after school activity I did so far. Homecoming was fun too. English class is what I enjoy because I love to write. I am grateful for the friends I have made and actually getting education. I plan on doing my best, and have good grades while having fun doing so. School teaches you that you should always keep something to remember in order to have more success.
  5. Sophomore, Allie Jones is most grateful for being able to learn the things she’ll need to know for life after school. “I will never forget my freshman year, specifically, the awards banquet. I enjoy talking to my friends at lunch. In Spanish class, my best experience was to learn what the teacher says then reply back in that language. I am the social media manager for the LINC letter, and it is sometimes challenging to attend the events and meetings. Being the manager for the LINC letter helped me get more in touch with the community and what is going in the world. I am also playing tennis this year. I haven’t decided my dream job yet, but I probably want to be a nurse or doctor. I hope to get higher grades while taking higher advanced classes, and I hope to be more involved in school activities. School has taught me to always try my best, and hard work will ultimately pay off.”
  6. Junior, Dylan Patrick says his greatest experience was being a part of sports teams and different clubs. “My first homecoming is my most memorable moment in school. I enjoyed playing sports with friends, which were track and baseball, and the most challenging experiences were keeping up with school work and sports. I am also on band. The benefits I gained were fun and fitness. I have pushed myself to do better everyday. I am most grateful for pushing for good grades, and for the rest of high school, I plan to never give up on anything and always do my best to achieve my dream job, which is to be an engineer.
  7. Junior, Garrett East plans on taking the easiest classes he can. “Jumping in track and beating my records has been my greatest experience in school. I will never forget my friends and the sports I played, and I enjoyed lunch time and playing basketball. The sports I did were basketball and track. The workouts we did were challenging, and they helped me be athletic and stay in shape. My basketball experience has also rewarded me to be a better leader to prepare for the future. I am most grateful for my ability to play sports and make good grades. My dream job is to be a rockstar. My advice is play sports and take them seriously.”
  8. One of junior Faith Tes’ most memorable moments was her first day as a freshman. “My greatest moments in school were playing sports and being part of the academic teams. The sports I played were basketball, and volleyball. I am also on DECA, and the most challenging times were keeping up with those when I have schoolwork. I really enjoy hanging with friends and and having good grades. I dream to be a secretary. I am most grateful for our school having a great staff. School has taught me to never give up. For my last year, I plan on continuing to pose on her grades.”