DECA Club And It’s Candy Bar Fundraiser!!

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October 1, 2019

Candy Bar Fundraiser All one dollar

Mrs. Jennings, The leader of DECA club here at EMHS, is leaving in April to travel to Virginia Beach for state competition.The kids who are competing is Brett Smith, Gabe Bolding, Emily Harris and Faith Test. Emily And Faith have already placed a spot in nationals for their work about the school store which is categorized as a based enterprise project, they receive Gold Certification on marketing!

Mrs. Jennings has the money for states but in order to send them to nationals it cost about a thousand dollars per kid. So she thought selling candy bars would be the perfect way to fundraise. Each candy bar is a dollar and they come in different kinds, Dark, Milk, Crispy, Almond and caramel.So please Come Buy candy bars!! You can buy them from Mrs. Jennings or some of her students sell them as well.

The Chocolate Is very good. Not to mention You are helping so these kids can compete.

They are from the World’s finest chocolate company which makes really delicious chocolate. When you buy a candy bar think about how you are helping the club and all the students prosper in their competitions.

Elsie Byrd
Elsie Byrd
Emily and Faith, DECA Club Going to Nationals For their work in Based Enterprise Project