Weightlifting Max Week 4/9-4/13


Football Weight lifters

Sam Cerva, writer, interviewer

Weightlifting at EMHS is having another max week (and my last one for the year). Max Week is when the lifters have to figure out the heaviest weight they can do in one rep.  After your body weight has been recorded, then you must find your current limit in squat, power clean, bench press, and deadlift. Once you find that, then get the coach to watch you, and they will record that weight. After you max out, all of your scores are totaled. For example, this max week, I beat my previous bench press of 55 up to 70, made 55 with squat, 110 in dead-lift, and 45 in power cleaning, so I would have roughly 280 total. We have one new 1000 pound club member, which means that the total weight is 1000 or over.

Writer’s perspective: I have been lifting since March of the 2017-2018 school year. One reason why I did it was because I have been wanting to do shot put in Track. I don’t play football because of the head surgery I had as a child, so I help out as a manager in the fall. I lift when it is not football season. Lifting has helped me throw the shot put farther. I hope to at least make it to regions in shot put.

I decided to interview several of my peers about how weight lifting is helping them meet their personal and sports goals.

  1. Cole Shepherd’s favorite part of lifting is going in to get big. “I play football, and I have been lifting ever since eighth grade. This past max week, I have beaten all of my previous records, and reached the 1000 club. My only goal is to keep getting stronger. My advice to other lifters is to just stick with it and don’t give up.”
  2. Dylan Owens is not only a football player, but a basketball, baseball, and track participant. “My favorite part is to go in and get stronger, and watch all my teammates get stronger. I have been lifting since the sixth grade. I have beaten all of my previous records, and my goal is just to get stronger and faster. My advice is just show up and do as much as you can, even if it doesn’t feel good now, it will pay off in the future.”
  3. Jacob Blankenship is a football player. “My favorite part is to go in and get stronger, and I have lifted since second semester of my freshman year. I have beaten all of my previous lifting records. All I have to say is to just show up and do it all.”