Graduation of 2018


Once again, just like every other year, the seniors in high school graduate. The seniors get their diplomas and can pursue their dreams. Their dreams were not the only thing they worried about though, some seniors have done other stuff than just something related to their dream. These seniors have done more than just trying to pursue their dream throughout high school, and they worked hard in them.  Our EMHS seniors have left an impact on our school and made incredible achievements throughout their high school careers.


Joel Gardner gives his speech.
  • Joel Gardner has participated in many activities from cross-country and track to academic and social clubs. His main events in track were running and jumping hurdles. This year, Joel is most well-known in the school as the president of SGA. Joel gives a speech to the whole school, and is happy for both himself and the rest of his fellow seniors for making it this far.
Seneca Bower is ready to get her diploma!
  • Seneca Bower has done cheerleading throughout high school. She was also a participant in varsity track and field. One of her dreams is to start her own hair salon, so she has taken Cosmetology to practice her hair stylist skills. This year, Seneca won the Skills USA award at the state competition, along with fellow mustang cosmetologist Gillian Nichols.
Chayla Mullins walks up with a smile.
  • Chayla Mullins found herself in sports at East Mont. She said her favorite exercise is running, so she participated in cross country and track & field. She also played basketball throughout school.
Never afraid to show herself, Morgan Melton walks with a huge smile and was waving at everyone!
  • Morgan Melton has been a football cheerleader throughout high school. Her dancing and cheering skills were well-known. She also won a scholarship at her dream college, Emory and Henry. She was even part of the yearbook staff this year.
Tyler and Jayme are EMHS’s favorite couple this year. They have been together throughout all of high school.
    • Tyler Mannon played football this year, and was a thrower in track & field, and played basketball his whole life. He also participated in cross country. Jayme Honaker was a participant in cross country, track & field, and  cheerleading. This year, this couple won homecoming king and queen. They were also one of the top three winners (groups included) in this year’s lip-sync battle. The EMHS Choir performed at graduation, and these two were part of it.

      Taylor Spence walks up to the stage along with the others in her row.
  • Taylor Spence has been involved heavily sports and academic EMHS programs.  She played basketball and soccer this year being a captain on both teams! Our EMHS Girls’ soccer team are the Pioneer district champions in the first year EMHS has had a soccer team! Taylor received a soccer scholarship for ETSU and will be attending next fall.

All of the seniors mentioned above have given themselves a school year to never forget. While no one should forget the big achievements they have made, there are more reasons for these seniors to be praised and encouraged. They worked hard throughout high school. They have put their dedication towards pursuing their dreams and everything else they loved. Even one step can change the world in ways that could be beyond our imagination.

After reading the experiences and achievements of these seniors, do you feel like they may have taught you something special?