The Summer Of 2018


Mrs. Cerva

Sam Cerva preapres to drive the golf ball at Narrows’ golf course, Castlerock.

Sam Cerva and Nevaeh Ford

Writer’s Perspective: My Summer started out with going to Atlanta to watch the Washington Nationals at the Braves stadium. The day after the baseball game. After the baseball game, we went to my oldest brother’s house in North Carolina to watch my nephew play flag football and baseball. Over the summer, I weight lifted for awhile, until I decided joined the Blue Ridge Junior Golf Tour. Golfers of all ages attended the tour, anyone under 19 that was a golfer could participate in tournaments throughout the Blue Ridge Region. Jacob Sykes played in one, Haley Howard played in about half of them and I played in all except one of them. The last golf course the Blue Ridge Junior Golfers played on was Auburn Hills, which is the home course for Auburn, Christiansburg and Eastern Montgomery. Not only did I show off my skills in golf, but I worked on my cardio and went running whenever I could for 8-10 minutes because I am thinking about running long distance in Track.

Around the end of the summer, the same brother I visited came over to my house to play in a summer invitational at Auburn Hills with my dad, they both finished second place in the final round. While we were still on summer vacation, we had two golf matches. Both matches were 18 holes, but the second match was changed to a nine hole match due to a severe thunderstorm when we were halfway done.

Starting off my junior year I am currently on the golf team and have participated in plenty of matches so far. I will film basketball games in winter and run track in spring. I am super glad to be back in this school with my great friends and supportive teachers. My favorite part would have to be school sports and designing our yearbook. My favorite part of this summer was getting ready for school, because I enjoy being with my friends. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. My favorite activity over the summer is doing athletic activities, especially running and weightlifting, because I like to stay in shape. My plans for this year are to try more new things, and meet my goals. My new grade resolution has always been to get higher grades; I strive to get straight As.

Here are the questions I asked the other students about their summer:

  1. Did you do anything over the summer like go on vacation?
  2. If so, explain your experiences.
  3. Were you part of anything sports-related that occurred over the summer?
  4. If so, what were they?
  5. Are you playing a fall sport this year? Do you plan on playing any other sports this year?
  6. What is your favorite part of summer and why?
  7. What is your favorite activity to do in the summer and why?
  8. What are your plans for this year?
  9. What is your new grade resolution?

Below here are some other students who have shared their experiences:

  1. Sarah Weatherspoon stated she has went to a church youth concert in North Carolina over the summer. “The name of the concert was Montreat. I found it fun meeting new people and learning new situations in different places. Over the summer, I went to soccer camp at Roanoke College. I am playing volleyball this fall, basketball in winter and soccer and track in spring. My favorite part of summer is all the free time because I have more time for myself. My favorite activity is going out to hang with my friends.”
  2. Sierra Pennington told me that she was part of Volleyball Camp. Then she said “I am playing volleyball, I will play basketball in the winter, soccer and I will run track in the Spring. I went to North and South Carolina over the summer and my favorite part was going to Charlotte, North Carolina¬†(Writer’s quote: I went through there too!). My favorite part of summer is going out to visit new things and my favorite activity to do during Summer is visiting new places, aka hiking, museums, etc. My plans for this year is to have fun, experience new things and make memories. My new grade resolution is to pass all my classes and get prepared for college by doing well in college credit classes.”
  3. Jeff Woods said that his favorite part of summer is having time to do his own thing because having time is fun. He then told me that “my favorite activity is to travel because I love to see new places. The sport I am playing this fall is football. Over the Summer, I went to North Dakota and the states surrounding the area. Throughout the vacation, it felt different but the landscape and towns were enjoyable. My plans for this year is to make it through high school in one piece. My new grade resolution is to get good grades for the future.”
  4. Tony Amato told me favorite activity of the summer is swimming. He stated that his favorite part is getting to sleep in. He then added “over the Summer, I went to Tennessee for a missions trip, where I built porches and laid gravel for a driveway. I decided to play football, so I was weightlifting over the summer, and later this year, I may participate in track and baseball. My plan for the year is to get involved and pass, and my new grade resolution is to get above 4.0 GPA.”