A Victorious Comeback for the Mustangs!

David Guard, Writer / Editor

Friday, August 31st proved to be an exciting night for the EMHS Mustangs as they battled Hurley. The first half started slow, with Hurley punching in two touchdowns to try and extinguish Eastmont’s pride. But it didn’t work, when in the third quarter EMHS’ defensive line caused a fumble, and Senior Matt McClernon picked up the ball and ran 40+ yards back for a touchdown! This ignited a fire in the rest of the team, the band, and the student section, and suddenly, Eastmont was back in the game.

After a hard fought fourth quarter, with the time running out on the clock, Eastmont had the ball. They marched up the field, and Dylan Owens heaved the football to Justin Tyree for the last touchdown of the game, putting Eastmont up 14-12 with a little over a minute left. The student section erupted in screams and cheers, along with the rest of the crowd, as the EMHS Mustangs kicked the ball off to Hurley, and recovered it! The student section ran off the bleachers and down to the sideline, ready to storm the field.

The Mustangs ran out the time on the clock, shook hands with the other team and huddled in the middle of the field. After the huddle ended, the student section sprinted onto the field to join the football team, cheering, screaming, jumping around and enjoying a hard earned Mustang victory!