Power Hour


Sam Cerva and Shannon Healy

Eastern Montgomery High School has a new feature set up during lunches. This new feature is called Power Hour. It is an hour of free time for students to go to clubs or participate in athletic activities. For Power Hour, classes will be a few minutes shorter for a whole hour of lunch. There will still be A and B Lunch, but now the students get to choose depending on what activities they are a part of. The point of Power Hour is to give students more club time, and avoid taking out too much class time doing so, including some events like guest speakers. Also, the most important part is that students can use this time to work on any homework if they have trouble getting it done every night, which will help student athletes big time especially if it is a game night.

Writers Perspective: For Power Hour, I have joined the Drone Club. I have signed up for Newspaper and I am also a representative for our junior class in SGA. This is my first year on the SGA, Interact and Drone Club, and I have been in Newspaper since last year, which is one of my favorites because I love writing articles and interviewing other students and staff. Interviewing others is a great way to get to know more about them. I joined SGA because I thought it would be nice to help out the club, and make this school a better place. I also participate in weight training, and I may participate in an intramural sport or more. The greatest rewards I have received from Power Hour was being able to participate in my clubs more often, and get back in shape for weight lifting.

Here are the questions I asked the other students about the power hour

  1. How are you progressing in the power hour?
  2. What clubs are you a part of?
  3. How long have you been a part of these clubs?
  4. Why do you feel those clubs to be important to you and the school?
  5. What have those clubs taught you about yourself?
  6. Are you able to or are you interested in participating in athletic activities?
  7. What are the greatest rewards that Power Hour has given you so far?
  8. What has power hour made easier for you?
  9. What has been the best part of Power Hour so far?

During the Power Hour, I sat down with other participants and teachers and interviewed them about how they are progressing in the Power Hour:

  1. Caitlin Wilcher is in Newspaper, drone club, chess club and Stampede. “The clubs are important because they look good on college applications and they taught me that I have interests beyond what I normally do. Power Hour gave me more time to work on late school work. The best part of Power Hour is a break between all the classes because it is a great time to chat with my friends.”
  2. Haley Helm told me that she likes Power Hour. She also added “while I am not in clubs right now, last year I was in Yoga club and Guitar club.” She then stated that “I like guitar club because it gives you time to express yourself during music, and you can listen to other musicians. I like Yoga club because it is relaxing.” She also said “my greatest reward from Power Hour is that “it has given me more time to study, and it helped me keep my grades up. My favorite part so far was going to the library and study.”
  3. Kaitie Woods said that power has helped her get her work done on time. She also said that her best rewards are “being given more time to complete assignments and join new things.” She also said she “likes that Power Hour has a variety of clubs every day. I am on SGA, Stampede, and Interact, and this is my first year on all of them. Interact is my favorite because I get to help other people and do community service. What I like about SGA is being able to speak up for my fellow classmates, and in Stampede, I like to help the freshmen. My favorite part is hanging out with all my friends.”
  4. Gabe Bolding stated that he is in SGA, MACC, Scholastic Bowl, Beta, Interact, and Environmental Science. He also added “I have been a part of them since 9th grade, except Beta, which I joined last year. MACC and Scholastic are important because you get to be around people who enjoy competing, cover topics that you don’t normally cover in a classroom setting. For Environmental Science, I enjoy going hiking and on trips. I love Interact, because I like to do charitable work, I enjoy SGA because I like to create a student body, and I like Beta because we are recognized. All the clubs taught me to just be active in school community, just do things you normally don’t do, and form social skills. I may play intramurals later in the year. I think that it is nice to have a break in the middle of the day, and work on school work. I think frankly Power Hour helped me take some time to finish work that is about due, and have more time in clubs. Power Hour also helped me work on homework outside of school. It is also just something new, also I’m a senior, so it is good that I get to have this before I graduate.”