Women and Photoshop


A digitally altered Ralph Lauren ad from 2009.

From Psychology Today

A digitally altered Ralph Lauren ad from 2009.

Women are unfairly judged off of their physical appearance constantly in today’s society, so much so that businesses will use Photoshop on pictures of women to make them “more beautiful.” Businesses use Photoshop all of the time to make ads more appealing to men and even other women, but it actually is unfair to the average female. It gives unrealistic expectations

Woman photo shopped to be skinnier

and makes more and more women insecure. It drives them to stop eating and develop unhealthy habits, damaging them physically and mentally. From the time middle school comes around, it is thrown in every woman’s face how they are supposed to look, and how they are supposed to dress and act. And if you don’t fit in, either the people start bullying you, or you bully yourself.

In society today, the view of the perfect body is shown with mannequins and models in advertisements and stores. 99% of the time, the mannequins are skinny with petite clothing on. Thicker women may feel discriminated against because they don’t look like that. Plus sizes are always hard to find and select stores carry plus size clothing. To feel accepted, women, go on ridiculous diets and starve themselves to be happy with their body. How are women going to love themselves when they can’t relate to anything real? The definition of beautiful is different to everyone, but majority people listen to societies harsh view of skinny and perfect.

For this to change to occur, us as people should leave women as they are and encourage them to love themselves for how they look. Photoshop creates an unrealistic person and poisons the minds of young girls with self-esteem. Low self-esteem and insecurities are constantly attacking minds of everyone and the only way to confidence is acceptance. If society accepts us for who we are, then we will accept ourselves.