Chorus and Piano: A Singing Pianist

An Coong Piano


Nevaeh Ford

Junior Sam Cerva and Sophomores Jack Graves and Kolten Leyer release the power of their voices.

Sam Cerva, Writer, Interviewer

Writer’s perspective: After so long, I enter the music world again this year, I am a part of piano and chorus. These classes are the first music classes that I have had since elementary school; back then, I played the recorder. Throughout middle school, while I did not do anything about music, I always loved listening to it. Halfway through my ninth grade year, in English class, my teacher gave us an assignment on choosing a song and writing at least seven captions to the lyrics. When my freshman year was coming to an end, I discovered so many incredible songs, including my favorite song “Better Place” by Rachel Platten, a piano ballad. Over the summer after my freshman year, I discovered two new songs through a mashup piano cover, which is also one of the reasons I decided to take piano. The past year, when I was a sophomore, I have been keeping up with tons of new songs being released, including thousands of songs I never knew of, and I discovered hundreds of musical artists I never knew of throughout the year. By the end of my sophomore year, I realized a new possible dream job; which involves the music industry. I felt like I could be both a singer and a composer, so I signed up for both piano and chorus. I feel proud to be in both those classes.

This Spring, I have been imagining being in a musical group. My favorite singers are (from top to bottom) Camila Cabello, Becky G, Fifth Harmony, and Little Mix. One of the songs that describes me best is “Warrior” by Demi Lovato because the singer says they are stronger than the last time. It is also a piano ballad. One of the best parts of chorus is singing with others, especially with a piano playing. I also joined the choir club last year starting in March to start practicing my singing voice. The class helped me build some confidence in my singing voice. If I had a musical group, it would be called Every Mortal Has Success, because it will remind me of high school.

Once I took Piano this year, I learned how to read the music sheets, which is how it rewarded me. The best part is playing and learning new riffs on the piano. Piano ballads are also one of my favorite genres of music to listen to. Some of my favorite songs are piano ballads. One example is “Just Friends” by Ally Barron, which is one of the many songs I discovered over the summer. One reason I took the piano class was because I like how the instrument sounds; it makes the songs sound more emotional and it is also easier to hear the lyrics on them. My idol in piano is named An Coong, she did that mashup piano cover mentioned above, which is also in the video. If I work in the music industry as a composer, I would compose piano music.

Here are the questions I asked the choir students.

  1. How long have you been in chorus?
  2. If this is your first time, what made you decide to take chorus?
  3. How often do you sing on your own time?
  4. What song do you love to sing on your own time?
  5. Who is your favorite singer?
  6. What song do you think describes you the best?
  7. Do you hope to continue your singing career after high school?
  8. How has singing in choir helped you in life?
  9. What do you think is the best part about singing?
  10. As an individual singer, if you could make up a name, what would it be?
  11. If you had a musical group, what would you call it?

Here are some of the choir singers that have shared their experiences.

  1. Emilie Raczynski told me she loves to sing on the weekends, and she likes to sing Pentatonix. “I have been in chorus since sixth grade. I think “Earth Song” describes me the best. I might sing in college.” She stated “choir helped me by giving me something to do and it is fun. The best part of singing is you can do it alone or along with a bunch of other people. My musical group would be something sentimental to me.”
  2. Annalyse Mchone said her favorite singer is Louis Armstrong. She also added “I have been in chorus since the third grade. I sing as much as I can, and I sing anything that pops into my head.” She then said “the song that describes me best is ‘What a Wonderful World’ by Louis Armstrong. I just hope to stay passionate about singing after high school.” She then told me “whenever things are tough, singing helps. The best part is testing your abilities. I would just call myself by my first name. My musical group would be called Something Positive.”
  3. Nevaeh Ford says choir helped her finding her singing talent. She then said “I have been in chorus for seven years now. I sing on my own time every day and I take singing lessons on fridays. I like listening to Alicia Keys, Aretha Franklin and Beyonce. The best part about singing is that it calms you down, and I love the beauty in using our voices to express meaning.” She then said “my singer name and musical group name would be Nevaeh.”

Here are the questions I asked the piano students

  1. What made you decide to take piano?
  2. What is your favorite part about piano class (and/or the instructor)?
  3. What is your favorite piano ballad? (A song that is mainly but doesn’t only have to be comprised of piano)
  4. Who is your idol in piano?
  5. Is this the first music class that you have taken yes or no? If not, what else have you taken?
  6. Do you have a possible plan of working in the music industry?
  7. What has piano taught you about yourself? (strength, weaknesses, self-improvement, interests, etc.)

Here some of the Piano players that have shared their experiences in the class so far.

  1. Haley Webster said “I took piano because I thought it would be cool to know a little bit about piano. My favorite part about the class is the way I feel accomplished when I finish a song and it sounds good.” She also added “I have taken chorus in elementary school. The song I would like to hear on piano is called “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid.” She also said “since Mr. Bragg taught me how to play Piano, I will say he is my idol. The class taught me that I have enough patience to sit there and play.”
  2. Matt McClernon told me that Feres Jaques is his favorite piano ballad. He also stated that “The class is different, and it’s a challenge for me. My favorite part about Piano is learning new songs and how to play them.” He then added “Beethoven is my idol in Piano. This is my first music class and it has taught me that I can do anything.”
  3. Makayla Francisco said that “my favorite part about piano class and the instructor is the experience of playing songs. I was interested in this class because I am going for an advanced diploma, and I thought I would be better off as a pianist than an art person. I have also taken chorus one time. I like Beethoven, and the class taught me that if you put your mind to it, then you can do it.”