Chorus and Spanish Field Trip at the Moss Center


Sam Cerva and Tony Shannon-Amato

On October 2nd, EMHS Choir and Mrs. Gibson’s Spanish class took a trip to the Moss Center to see a concert. There were also other neighboring schools that attended the concert such as Floyd. In the concert, there was a Spanish singer with her band singing songs in Spanish. The singer also shared the story of her life in Mexico. All the students and teachers enjoyed dancing and singing along with the band.

Writer’s perspective: I loved attending the concert. It was the first concert I ever went to that was outside of my school. The concert made me feel happy because music is also one of my favorite things in the world, and my favorite genre is Spanish music. My favorite Spanish song is Dulce by Leslie Grace. I have a possible dream job involving music, and I may even make some Spanish music. It’s always interesting to learning new languages. I have a few idols in Spanish music, and they are Becky G, Leslie Grace. One of my favorite bands, Fifth Harmony, also did Spanish versions of some of their songs.

Here are the questions I asked some of the other students that went on the trip.

  1. How did the concert make you feel?
  2. Have you went to other concerts outside of school?
  3. Has this concert showed you something new and/or interesting to you?
  4. Do you ever listen to Spanish music?
  5. If so, what is your favorite Spanish song?
  6. Who is your favorite Spanish singer?

Here are some of the students that have shared what they learned on the field trip.

  1. Brandon Work said “it made me feel energetic and it showed me new songs. The Spanish musician I like listening to is Daddy Yankee.”
  2. Hannah Cressell said “I felt like it was in a real life situation, I could understand some of the things people are saying.
  3. Candice Taylor said “I got to explore the experience about the language.”