Trends 2018


Daniel Gadd and Elsie Byrd, writers

“Evolving is not a simplistic fate, but a manifestation of choice.”- Elsie Byrd

2018 is the year of change, the year of new beginnings, along with new trends and fads. Staying updated with the newest coolest challenges, fashion, and entertainment milestones, isn’t easy! Mostly because it is always changing and evolving. So what really is happening around you, and what is every teenager across the globe indulging themselves in?


Lacing up a new pair of Nikes, Vans or Converses could be the best way to start your day, while staying updated in fashion. Even sliding into a pair of Crocs would reward you with keeping up with today’s trends. If these things are not your cup of tea, then you should never be shamed for not having the same things everyone else has! You should strive to be you, different, but if you want to stay in tune with others, sunflowers, scrunchies and bandanna’s are in or coming back in style. You also can’t forget the iconic ripped jeans, long fall boots, or lace anything. There are many different trends, too many to count in fact. Choosing your favorite may be hard, and staying updated may be even harder. What trends do you participate in?

Entertainment ………….

Staying up on the internet is easy but do you really know what is going on in the wonderful world of entertainment? There are all sorts of new things going on in media now-a-days. One of the biggest fads in entertainment now is Fortnite, but even more of a trend is the dances. This trend started because the game was getting so popular. People are mimicking it and now you can see almost anyone on Facebook doing a Fortnite dance. Another one is the musically and tik tok apps. These apps let you express yourself in short clips. But one of the biggest trends is montage videos. It’s just seeing everything that the person goes through in short clips without getting a whole lot of  extra boring details. Along with apps,  and video games, is your favorite music and favorite music artist consisting of Billie Eilish, Khaled, Drake, Post Malone, AJR, MGK, and 6ix 9ine. These artists have unique sounds, tones, and messages encouraging people to learn how people feel from others perspectives.


Have you ever been stumped by attempting to do a challenge you saw on Snapchat, or Facebook? The Dele Alli Challenge had the internet in a storm, confused by a change of the hand? It started with what Tottenham Hotspur did while celebrating after scoring a goal against Newcastle. Or how about the baby shark challenge where people sing and dance to a kids’ song? The baby shark video was posted by Pingfong who had ten million followers on YouTube; they post kid videos regularly. The catchy tone started to stick in people’s heads, creating the new challenge. New challenges are forming every day, maybe you can create a new one yourself.