Homecoming of 2018

Sam Cerva


A group friends enjoyed the homecoming, pose for a picture, and finished the dance all together.

Sam Cerva and Shannon Healy

EMHS has their homecoming of 2018. The theme for this year was “Night at The Gatsby’s,” which references a book and a movie about the roaring 20s. The freshmen representing homecoming court were Seth Burleson and Alisson Ramos. Sarah Weatherspoon and Justin Tyree represent the sophomores’ homecoming court, and Juniors Candice Taylor and Michael Tingler once again represent their court, now as Juniors. The seniors representing for the court, and the nominees for king and queen were Jacob Blankenship, Faith Tes, Johnathan Moore, Mia Donathan, Matthew McClernon and Vivian Stamm.

Writer’s perspective: I found that last years Homecoming was the best for me. That was because I got to hang out with friends and listen to music. That was also what persuaded me to go this year. The main point of Homecoming is to hang out with friends, dance whenever you feel the beat, and just have so much fun. The life lesson I learned from Homecoming is that you need to be active, don’t just spend your time at one place only, go to special events.

Here are the questions I asked some of the students that went to Homecoming.

  1. What persuaded you to go to Homecoming?
  2. What was your favorite part about the dance and why?
  3. What do you think is the main point of Homecoming?
  4. What life lesson did Homecoming teach you?
  5. Do you have any plans for future homecomings?

Here are some of the students that shared their experiences at the dance.

  1. Haley Helm said she went last year and it was enjoyable. She also added “I like hanging out with friends and seeing everyone enjoy themselves. The main point is to get people together because they usually don’t get to .” She then told me “the life lesson I learned is to cherish high school memories
  2. JT Foster told me that he just wanted to go. He then stated “the music was my favorite part of the dance. The main point is to hang out with your friends.” He said the life lesson he learned is to always be yourself.
  3. Shannon Healy said it was really fun and she wanted to hang with her friends. She also added: “My favorite part was hanging out with the cheerleaders and all my other friends. We also performed cheer dances. The main point is to have fun, hang with friends, and make memories.” Then she stated, “My life lesson was to let loose, have fun and cherish all your high school memories.”
  4. Brittany Barnes said that she has never been to homecoming before and it seemed fun. She also said “my favorite part was that everyone was out there having fun. The main point is for people that have never been and for people to have fun. I hope that my next homecoming, I can persuade more people to come.” She also stated “the life lesson I learned was probably to just walk in and forget the stress and drama.”
  5. Allie Jones said “I went to homecoming because I did not want to miss out on experiences.” She also added, “my favorite part was hanging out with friends. The main point is to have a good time.” She also said, “don’t just worry about anything that causes you stress and have fun.”