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Benny’s Pizza; a Second Home

Benny’s Pizza; a Second Home

Pizza; we all love it and those who don’t are psycho. On October, 30th, 2018, Eddie Ruiz and myself had the generous liberty of going to downtown Roanoke and visiting Benny’s Pizza, where we got an interview with the general manager, Kyle. He kindly donated his time and pizza was enjoyed.

The store opened up at 11 am, around the time Eddie and I got to the area with the store. When we walked in, we instantly got a vibe that the place was operated with heart, and that it was a warm and welcoming place. A place where you could sit down and eat pizza slices that were larger than your head. The staff  was super friendly to us, even before we stated that we were there for an interview.

After the three of us, Kyle, Eddie, and myself, got settled, we started the interview. We first asked when he started working there, and Kyle responded with, “Around six years ago,” in which we followed up with his first impression of the job, and he stated that, “This job was very chill,” he added, “I still like it because of the job I have to do.”

We wanted to find out more about his background and life before Benny’s Pizza. Kyle responded with, “I was actually a stay at home dad to my son, Gabriel.” We asked him if that helped him get this job, and he responded with “I have actually been making pizzas since I was 12. I just found this place and loved to work here since then.” It is worth to note that he has a little Pizza Steve on his wrist.

Benny’s has a chill environment. “I love how laid back and chill the place is. I can make pizza and build meaningful relationships with my co-workers even though some come and go,” offered Kyle. Kyle took a moment to think of a response, and then said, “Actually, my favorite moment would have to be meeting my wife here. The first year I worked here she walked in for a job and my friend told me not to date co-workers. After a while I guess we kind of just clicked and I got to marry her.” I personally thought that it was very touching, the fact that he met his wife in a pizza shop. He started building his home from Benny’s Pizza.

Teamwork is very important to any job and Benny’s is no exception “I actually always train my co-workers since I am the general manager. I guess working with my co-workers is like any other job. Most of them come and go. I make friends with some and things like that,” he then went on to add, “I actually work with them all the time, I am usually the one that makes the dough and they put on everything else and get it cooked and out to the customers.”

The questions started to slow down at this point, and Eddie started to ask stuff off the top of his head. As someone who works in the food service, the question about how he feels about some of the customers that walk into the store was brought up. Kyle gave a somewhat surprising answer, “I haven’t had issues with any customers. We make our pizza fresh and quickly so people are usually satisfied. I don’t remember the last time that anything bad has happened. most of them are very nice and family type people.”

Customers started to trickle as the lunch hour neared. Kyles said the rush varies. . Kyle then said, “It depends, some days it can get very heavy and we’ll have a lot of people. When we first open it’s usually a little slow. As the day goes on and it becomes more night, it tends to get more packed.”

After an hour of eye-opening interviewing and learning about Kyle’s life before Benny’s pizza, Eddie and myself can safely say that all the employees at Benny’s Pizza truly cares about quality and satisfaction. To everyone who works there, it is like a second home.

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