A New Start: School Year Of 2018-2019

Sam Cerva


Sam Cerva, Writer, Interviewer

Every year, there are new students moving into a new grade. Ninth grade may be just step one, but it is a vital footprint to high school careers; it is the start of a new era for the freshmen, in which, they make new friends, try new activities, and they have new teachers. The 10th grade year is yet another crucial building block; everything has at least one new aspect for the sophomores. The 11th grade year is the most challenging academically for most students; some of the most challenging courses are within their junior year. After their junior year, they will have only one year left of their high school era. Once they graduate, they will be free to pursue their dreams (Doesn’t time fly?). Every student has different experiences every year and every school has different features added or changed every year.

Here at Eastern Montgomery High School, there were multiple new aspects that really made this year different than many other years. There were new teachers, new opportunities for students, and many other new features. The most notable new feature is Power Hour, which helped add new clubs and gave the students more options to pursue their interests and do much more in their free time. It also gave the students some time to get any homework completed, and get any help they required or the help they felt they needed. This also provided EMHS the opportunity to add intramural sports, which helps students stay in shape during the day if they do not have time for after-school sports. At sports events, a student section was added to intensify school spirit and increase student attendance at the games. At many games, particularly football and basketball, the students in the student section would go wild and cheer their team. These new features, especially Power Hour and student sections, increased participation in general.

Writer’s Perspective: This is my junior year and just like every year, I had many new opportunities, and the activities I participated in provided new features. For example, in after-school activities, I had two new teammates in golf: one of them was a senior and the other was a freshman. Once golf season was over, I practiced my running to train for long distance track. For the past couple of years, I managed basketball and provided water for the boys. Later, I started filming the games halfway through my sophomore season, and I have been doing so since then. I officially began my career in long distance track and it gave me new abilities such as keeping myself together and going at the same pace while running long distances. All that helped me realize my talent in running long distance. I have also been a member of Math MACC to try something new.

For my classes, I started taking choir and piano because music is one of my favorite things overall. They were also my first music classes ever since elementary school. In choir, I started out very shy with my voice, but now I at least have some confidence, and I sing at least as loud as anyone else next to me since I learned so much. Choir has also been one of my most memorable moments in high school, because it helped me discover my true voice. In Piano, I feel I have shown a natural talent because I mastered difficult songs quickly. I have also entered college level courses not only for preparing for college but also because of the challenge. After all, without the challenge, where is the thrill? I also resumed my yearbook career because it is one of my favorite activities and provides me the opportunity to get to know everyone. All the classes I took helped me build some creativity and they are symbols of how I challenged myself. They also taught me a new life lesson; if I notice some talent in anything, I should at least put in some work on it.

Thanks to Power Hour, I kept myself busy when it comes to clubs; in first semester, I decided to join Interact and SGA to help out the members. I joined choir club to practice my voice (I was also a part of the club last year), and I was tapped in to Beta. I also resumed my newspaper career, which is one of my favorite activities because you get to write articles about big events, and it also helps you get to know more about your friends and all the activities. In second semester, I participated in Dance, Debate and Awareness. I like SGA because I like to help out the student body with any events to raise the funds for the school, and leadership is a great skill to learn. Interact is a very good club because you help out the community, and Beta is good because you are recognized for your achievements. Choir club gave me time to practice singing whether I was in the class or not, and it helped me build some more confidence in my own voice. If I never joined these clubs, I never would be able to realize any potential I have in anything.

My junior year was not only my most challenging year, it was also definitely my most active year. Throughout the year, I have been challenging myself more with harder classes and keep a busy schedule to build multitasking skills. In those classes, I discovered and improved my own talents, especially in singing and piano. I had more opportunities after school this year by beginning my career in long distance track. I had a chance to attempt MACC this year, and I joined Interact and SGA, and participated in Debate, Dance and Awareness to keep me occupied. One of my favorite parts of the year was Homecoming because I like to hang out and dance with friends, and most importantly, I like listening to music. This year taught me that I can do anything and I shouldn’t let negative emotions and opinions take control of me. The year 2018 made me much more confident than my previous years and set big goals, and that confidence motivated me to work harder. Hard work helps talent prevail.

Next year, I plan to challenge myself more by taking any available college classes, as long as I can graduate with an advanced diploma and I hope to try a new sport to attempt something different. I also hope that throughout 2019, I can find what else I can do. After high school, my most likely college choice is Virginia Tech, or any college where I can keep up my running career because running is one of my favorite things. My dream career is to write a script for my own TV show, voice act some of my characters, and then become a musical artist, hopefully starting a musical group.

One student shared their perspective and experiences of this year, and their plans for the future.

  1. Sophomore Haley Helm was an Art student. She enjoyed it because she thinks it is a good way to “express yourself.” It also provided her different opportunities such as a trip with Choir. “Second semseter, I was a theater student, which allowed me to try different things and become more social.” She is a member of AASIS to prepare for college. “We went to Radford to visit campus, and see other things. I had a great time at Homecoming because of the unique theme for this year. The student section was great for the sports events like football games because more students came out.” “I am a member of the Art club, and we worked with the weightlifting club.” Haley also played soccer this year, which was her first sport. “Throughout the year. I challenged myself more with clubs, more challenging classes, and being more social. I have all the same friends, I had different opportunities with them, and I think it is very important to do school work.” Homecoming as mentioned earlier was a very fun night, and “the ones who made it happen made it very fun. Next year, I want to try to get out more and different things.” After high school, Haley hopes to be a sketch artist, or even an investigator, while in college, “I hope to go into forensics and art.” Haley’s quote is “education is fuel for your future.”