How Seniors Inspire Us: Class of 2019


All the seniors prepared to graduate and go to college!

Sam Cerva, Writer, Interviewer

Every year, there are high school students about to reach the end of the high school journey. The seniors have worked hard to graduate and pursue their dreams. However, most importantly, they worked hard to make special memories by participating in after school activities. Those memories encourage many other students to try harder, and find activities to keep them occupied.

Being a senior can be challenging from the start; it is the last year of high school, then after that is college and adulthood. It also the beginning of the opportunity for seniors to pursue their ultimate goals. Each and every senior should be remembered for trying hard to accomplish their goals, which have the potential to change the world. Many of them also did more than just their primary interests. A number of this year’s seniors played sports, participated in academics and others throughout school.

Here are some of the seniors that have shared their high school experiences:

  1. Faith Tes has played basketball, Volleyball and went to states for DECA and Habitat for Humanity for Interact. She was also a member of Scholastic Bowl and MACC. “Those activities rewarded me by giving me some experience and branch out of my comfort zone, like DECA helped me meet new people because you had to do interviews in front of judges. It is pretty challenging to present in front of them.” Faith gained a lot of experience and knowledge throughout high school. High school inspired by “showing me I can try new things and I have been coming out of my shell a lot throughout the year.” Faith says to “just keep swimming.” Faith plans on going to Radford University and major in Business.
  2. Dylan Patrick had fun at the school dances because “you could just show up with your friends.” He was a part Beta, Interact and Weightlifting club. “Interact is a good club because you get to go on Habitat for Humanity and make blankets for kids in the hospital.” Dylan did track his sophomore and junior year, and he played football his senior year. “My greatest experience would be maturing with the all the people I have seen everyday. I will never forget my first pep rally because back then, I was a freshman and I was a part of the Band.”¬†After high school, he is going to basic training, and then he is going to NRCC and then transfer to Virginia Tech for an Engineering degree.”