Boys basketball vs Craig, 1/15


The Varsity team gather before the game starts.

Sam Cerva, Writer, Photographer

January 15th was another wild night for Eastern Montgomery. On this day, EMHS boys basketball had visitors from Craig county. Throughout the games, the crowd screamed every time their team made a score.

The JV was a wild game. Sophomore Gabe Fox made 16 points and eight field goals, Freshman Lance Elkins made four field goals, four three-pointers and made 13 points, and Freshman Camren Sampson made three field goals, and eight points. The JV Mustangs fought very hard, and made it into overtime, but unfortunately, the JV team lost with a close score of 51-52.

The Varsity game was yet another intense game. Throughout the game, Senior Garrett East made 22 points and made seven field goals, junior Cole Shepherd made two field goals and six points, and sophomore Darion Moore made two field goals, and five points. The Mustangs fought hard, but unfortunately, they also lost to the Rockets with yet another close score of 45-51.