The Mustangs’ Adventure to Regions! Pioneer Tournament at Craig 2/11


Varsity Boys at the Parry McCleur round.

Sam Cerva, Writer, Photographer

February 11, 2019 was an important night for the Mustangs. The Mustangs basketball team went to Craig county to compete for the Pioneer tournament. The game was intense and was a very close one. The Mustangs gave it their all and won with a final score of 34-43. However, that’s not all. Since the Mustangs won their pioneer game, they made it to regions!

This is a very important night for the Mustangs because this is the first time that Mustangs basketball made regions in a long time. Wednesday, they go to Parry McCleur in the first round of regions. Then the Mustangs go compete again on Thursday and next Monday with the winners of the district.