The Man of Steel (fan fiction)

Dominic Harrison, Contributing Writer

Now that you know all about me let me tell you this story about this one superhero that saved the city. So it all started on this planet called Krypton and there was this baby called Clark (which was me). The planet was about to explode and my mom and dad are trying to get me to safety and when we was about to leave this one man jumped off his ship and landed on the ground. The guy wanted to take me because I had special DNA from my dad and this man fought and my dad was beating him up and he was beating my dad up too. Then one of the guys shot my dad and the guys said “GIVE ME THE BABY NOW” my mom said no so she hit this big red button and it launched me to this planet called earth. So these people found me and they said “where did this baby come from”. When I started growing up I been feeling strange things in my body. When I was at my dad’s farm these kids were bullying me and pushing. One of them push me to the gate and the kid said “what you going to do about it punk”. When my dad and a couple of people that was beside my dad they looked at the kids and they ran away. When I got up, I notice that the bar was bent because I squeezed it hard.


A week after that we went on a field trip and it was all quiet until this big dude said “*?$%#” we kept on saying it over and over and over. When he said it one more time a wheel popped and the bus driver loss control of the bus and we were swerving side to side and a car was in our way and the bus drove off the bridge. When we hit the water the bus driver hit his head on the window or the dashboard. So the bus is sinking i’m freaking out and everybody else was too and when the bus was almost filled up, I walked to the back of the bus and opened hit. So the bus is filled up and everybody took a deep breath and I swam out the bus and the bus was coming back up because I was pushing it above the surface. When everybody was on land one said “Where’s Robert at?” so I dived back into the water and I finally found him and I threw back on land. Tomorrow Robert’s mom was at my house and I was just sitting on the back porch swinging on the swing. When they left my dad told me to come here I said “okay i’m coming dad” he said, my dad said “there’s something I need to tell you son and I know this is a lot to take in but hear me out, me and your mother found you in this space shuttle”.  


When my dad told me that I was found in a space shuttle, I was so mad. I said “what do you mean I was found in a space shuttle dad” the he said “you landed in our backyard and then we took you in and raised you”. I calmed down and said “okay”. The next day me, my mom, and my dad was going somewhere in the car and we were all talking about what am I and everything. When I was just about to say something we heard thunder and we looked up and got out of the car. Then we all looked up and saw a tornado forming and it was forming pretty fast. As soon as it hit the ground my dad said”EVERYBODY GET  UNDERNEATH THE BRIDGE NOW” and we all did except for my dad. He saw that the dog was stuck in our car so my dad ran over to our car and opened the car door. The tornado was getting really close and I said “he isn’t going to make it, I’m going to help him”. My mom said”no it’s to dangerous “, my dad climbed in the back seat and opened the door on the left side to let the dog out. The dog got out and when my dad was just about to get out the tornado pushed a car to our car and the other car slammed the door shut on my dad leg. When that happened I was about to go over there until he said “ stop stay there”. The tornado was too close and my dad finally got out of the car and the tornado took him away and I shouted “NOOOOOOOOO DAD”. the next day we had my dad’s  funeral and I was so mad because my dad told me not to help him. I really wanted to save him so badly and I was sad everyday until I figured out that I had powers and that I was fighting aliens.