How a Guy Lost it All

How a Guy Lost it All

Mary Sweeney-Catterton, Contributing Writer

   There once was an old man who felt very sad and alone. He had been alone since his wife passed on her 75th birthday, and he felt so sad that he sat in the corner of their bedroom and played that guitar for days on end. The old man’s name was John, and John had been so in love with his wife that he could burst into tiny little hearts like he in a Disney movie introduction. But before when John´s wife Jannette was still alive, she was the light of his world; he always made her homemade gifts and treated her like the queen to his kingdom. He felt like he had a purpose in life and that purpose was to be their for Jannette and enjoy life. One time they went on a all around trip to their most favorite places around the world.Then they had to stop when they got to Paris because Jannette was pregnant with their 30 year old daughter Cathy.


John loved Cathy and Jannette more than anything in this cruel and crime infested world we live in. John loved his family and would do anything for them. He would break ankles or he would rob a bank just to make his family happy, so he decided to keep them safe by joining the Mafia and becoming a fearful leader. He felt like he could run the world like he was the queen of England, but he also kept it from his lovely wife and beautiful daughter because he didn’t want to risk their lives. If they told anybody, their lives would end.  He never said a word or else the mafia leader would harm him and his loved ones. John felt that he needed more protection over his family, so he decided that he wanted to become the new mafia leader and planned to kill his leader. What he did was plan for over the next 3 months, and he finally figured out how he wanted to kill his kid like leader.


     The next day he went to his leader’s house with his incredibly handsome friend Mark. John and Mark both wanted their leader Justin dead because he never did anything right ,he always let people slip up ,and let them get away with it ,but not anymore John and Mark took Justin out or a little ¨fishing trip¨ for bonding time. When the time was right John and Mark stabbed Justin and left him to sink into the huge, deep and piranha infested lake just past a very old and run down summer camp named camp crystal waters. John forced Mark to wipe their prints off everything, so they won’t get busted for murder. Later, John stepped up as leader and became powerful and scary to many mafia groups ….but his wife began to get really really sick.

      A few years later…..John is now the leader of the most dangerous and fearful mafia group in his town and he still hasn’t told his family. He also just turned 73 and got news that his wife Jannette has cancer and that it is stage 3 but it is slowly spreading and this torn John apart, like tearing apart a thanksgiving dinner. John got so upset he used his mafia power to kill anyone that couldn’t help his wife get better. John reached the point that he went insane over worry for his wife. He decided to buy a new shiny guitar that was precious like Elvis Presley and sat down in his dark and gloomy bedroom corner playing his wedding song that he and Jannette loved. Cathy moved away after finding out her father was insane and a danger to himself, and John kept playing his guitar until his wife’s birthday when his wife finally passed of stage 3 cancer. He just lost it and went into a deep depression and got really skinny like a toothpick, yet he kept playing that one song as he cried heavily mourning his wife. John died peacefully in his sleep  1 year later and is hopefully reunited with his sweet and soft spoken Jannette.