Is Cheerleading a Sport?

Kaylee Blanton, Staff Writer

There’s a debatable question, “Is cheerleading a sport?” But most people that argue the topic normally don’t see the hard work and effort put in making it look perfect on the field or the court. As a cheerleader, I know the struggles and the effort put in the all the practices. There’s so much to memorize such as many cheers, band dances, main dances, and stunts.

Cheerleaders have the opportunity to make everyone a little more pumped up at football and basketball games, also school events. Cheerleaders have to do weight training, running, and picking up actual human being.  The definition of sport is,  “an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment.” Cheerleading fits this definition because there’s physical activity including stunting, dancing, and also running. Most cheerleaders compete, but since our school is so small we don’t; you can cross competing off the list because cheerleaders do it too. But even if you are only cheering for teams such as football and basketball, you still do it for others, and is that not what the definition says?
People also underestimate cheerleaders abilities. For example,  we can throw people in the air and catch them. That’s way more than a two pound football, am I right?  I bet after you go to one of our practices, you will be second guess if it’s a sport. I would love for one of the football players to come to our practice and try the jumps, kicks, and splits we do, and I bet many wouldn’t want to come back.
Also, being a cheerleader isn’t all fun and games. There’s a lot of pressure on them too like nailing that stunt or dance. Learning the cheers are pretty tough as well. There will be lots of times where you mess up before it sticks in your head for good. As a cheerleader myself, it takes me at least two days of practicing before it sticks in my head for good. Just like any sport, it takes practice; not everyone can do it.
Before you make a judgement that cheerleading isn’t a sport, please realize that it takes just as much physical movement, just as much teamwork, and just as much passion as any other sport!