Stop “Spilling Tea!”

Kaylee Blanton, writer

Girl Code?
Do girls even use it anymore? Girls now feel the need to bring other girls down like it’s their job. You barely see a girl telling another she’s beautiful, but instead they point out the negative and unkind things about them like,“They’re ugly” or “What is she wearing?”

Girls should boost other girls up, instead of dragging them down and making them feel bad about themselves. Everyone has their own opinion about others, but there is no need for someone to say it out loud if it’s not nice about them. Girls nowadays have an image they are determined to have, and they break their backs trying to reach it. You were built that way for a reason and no one should make you feel like you need to change that.

In addition, girls are not supposed to call you names just for how many guys like you or how many you date. This is high school where you are supposed to learn the social rules, the ups and downs of dating. And other girls shouldn’t be brought down because of that.

Everyday I hear at least one girl talking disparagingly about another Is that all people do anymore, talk bad about others to make you feel satisfied?

When you are with your friends, why don’t you talk about what you’re doing this weekend or what your favorite movie you have right now. But no, it’s all about “spilling tea” now, right? Girls aren’t focusing on themselves but instead about who is dating who, or who’s being “fake” to one another. High School is about making memories, not about “Spilling Tea” to others!