Polar Bears: On the edge of extinction

Taylor Laws, contributing writer


“Polar bears everywhere face dire threats, but the polar bears of the southern Beaufort Sea in Alaska are the most threatened of all.” (Barbara Nielsen).All the greenhouse gasses we are producing are harming their environment. There are more and more actions that result in threats to on-ground denning mother bears. Only 97% of scientists have reach of conclusion that climate change is true and us humans are the cause. That means that 3% of scientists can’t even realize that we are the problem. We need to see that we are the problem and change it. Climate change is ruining this world and we need to make up for lost time.  

Help save the next polar bear

Us humans are repopulation aggressively. The more we repopulate, the more we do damage to the world. People forget the worth of the world; we just trash it like it’s a bin on the side of the street. We are not doing what’s right for the world; saving the environment. There are many habitats and communities that are in need of help. Pollution, trash, greenhouse gasses are some examples of things we change about the world and not in a good way. Every ecosystem, community, and habitat needs help, but one in particular is the  Southern Beaufort Sea population.

“Help save the next polar bear” is meant to show you that they need help too. The Southern Beaufort Sea population of polar bears are in need of a rescue mission. The big way to help these innocent giants is to cut down on the oil and natural gasses. Save these animals before this gets out of hand. But if this does get out of hand, there is no turning back.        

Oil spills

How can an oil spill happen? One way an oil spill can happen is shipping activity.  The more the ice melts, the more shipping routes for us humans. The more shipping means it will result in a higher risk of oil spills. Another way is mining. We need ships to bring equipment in and out. Also, the mining can result in a habitat-disturbance. So there are two ways mining can ruin the environment, ships increase oil spill risks and disturbing their habitats. Lastly, another way an oil spill can happen is weather. Yes, I know, you can’t change the weather. But the weather is what carries those toxins in the air to get into other animals. Polar bears get these toxins from eating seals that have been infected with the chemicals. Even young cubs carry pollutant loads, absorbed from their mother’s milk. We need to decrease these risks so the polar bears can be safe and happy.


So in the end, you should see now that we have got to consider the other animals and habitats in the world and not just ourselves. I want you to visit this site and I want you to look at the ways you can help the Southern Beaufort Sea population of polar bears. There are many projects and efforts you can do in your own classroom, home, or town where you live to help the polar bears. Please, help them.  

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