Another Year Back

Juniors Lacee Watkins and Ashley Maxey tell us what it is like to be back another year. The first question I asked them what was their favorite class so far this year or in general. Lacee said, “Art, because we are left alone to do what we need to do for that class.” Ashley on the other hand said, “Art” as well. The second question I asked was, “What is your favorite teacher this year or last year?” Lacee said, “SP, because she is funny.” Ashley’s favorite teacher is SP as well because, “She lets us do work our way instead of telling us how to do the work her way.” For the third question I asked them what was their “Favorite part about being back?” Ashley and Lacee both agreed that “Seeing their friends again” was the best part. As for the fourth question they were asked, “What was the worst part about being back?” Ashley said, “Having to wake up” was the worst so far. As for Lacee she said, ” Getting back on schedule for school” was the hardest. Both of the Juniors were especially excited they areĀ  almost done with high school but still nervous. Overall, this year is off to a good start for all of us.

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