Sophomores Return!

Students woke up early on August 14 to return to back to school! Halls were filled with students catching up, opening their lockers, and searching for their new classes. The students were surprised to see a limo in front of the school, they were able to get inside and take pictures. Everyone noticed the positive messages teachers wrote for them with chalk. Teachers created a tunnel to pump everyone up for their first day and it sure woke them up too! We’re seven days in and students are starting to get used to their schedules.

Sophomore Yesenia Mercado, currently a volleyball player, says her major adjustment is being in a whole different grade and having harder classes. Her most challenging teacher is Mr. Stanaland, “I guess it’s because he’s a little bit more strict but he’s not even that more challenging but compared to my other teachers he is”. When asked about what she disliked this year, Yesenia replied, “Ehall passes. It takes up more time and class is disrupted.”

Brie Willie, a current football cheerleader, just got into a doable routine. She likes this school year because she’s becoming more involved in activities. Brie’s schedule is mostly the basic educational classes and no “fun” classes but Intro to Health and Medical Sciences is very fun to her. Brie genuinely wants to learn about what she wants to do with her future career and had the opportunity to be in introduction to health and medical science, her favorite class this semester.  

Sophomore football player, Seth Burleson, isn’t used to this year yet, he still gets confused and thinks he’s a freshman. Mrs. Gibson is his most challenging teacher because “she speaks Spanish and I don’t speak Spanish.” Seth is an athlete, he enjoys being active and lifting in his favorite class–gym. Most people are ready for a quick nap during school, but Seth is ready for a nap as soon as he gets home.


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