From 2019 to 2020: Eastern Montgomery Senior Class of 2020.

Sam Cerva


The class of 2020 on college day!

Sam Cerva, Writer, Photographer, (1)

More and more students graduate every year from high school. The senior class this year, class of 2020, has experienced much throughout high school. Now, this is the year we graduate (yes, I am a senior this year too), and is the most important year of high school. Many of these seniors worked hard throughout high school by doing after-school activities and more in these four years, and each one had different experiences every year. However, the school year of 2019-2020 is definitely different.

It is not only about graduation, or what the seniors plan to do after high school. It is also about the experiences they had throughout high school, but that is still not all. It is also about the new freshmen that veer into high school territory, the sophomores that begin putting in extra work, and the juniors that prepare for the end of the era coming in the next year, following the seniors footsteps. Freshmen have just begun the most important chapter of their lives, and are in the second most important year of that chapter. Since their high school career just began, it is a good time to try new things. Sophomores have experienced one vital building block of high school, and have three more to go. Things still only begin here, and it is a good time to begin challenging themselves. Juniors have experienced half of high school, and are now beginning the most challenging and most important section of the high school chapter. This school has gained quite some additions, such as Power Hour, and these seniors got to experience it all throughout their four high school years.

Writer’s perspective: As I have already mentioned earlier, I am a senior this year. I have experienced a lot throughout high school, and things were different every year. Now, this is the year I put all of my effort in everything I already do, and take multitasking to a new level by trying more new things in after-school activities, clubs and classes. I started new activities to get different experiences, including new clubs, new after-school activities, and new classes. After graduation, college comes next.

In after-school activities, it started out with golf back in freshman year. After golf, I began managing basketball as a water boy. Then finally, I began track as a short distance runner. In all those sports, I discovered new passions, new talents, and made new friends. My freshman year helped shape me into the person I am now. In sophomore year, I made a few transitions in some activities; in basketball, I have been filming the games because I have been part of the yearbook staff since then. Finally, in track, I threw the shot put while still running short distance. These two years were only the beginning. In junior year, I made yet more transitions; I began practicing my long distance running right after golf, and I began a career in MACC while still filming basketball. After MACC and basketball, I began my career in long distance track after discovering I have talent in the distance sport, making regions in the process. Finally, this year, I began a career in Cross Country, while resuming my career in golf, track, basketball and MACC. This gave me multitasking skills, especially since this year, I did two after school activities in the fall. These after-school activities gave me many new friends, whether on or off the team. However, the most important activity for me was golf, because no matter what else I did, golf was my roots, and I would not have done any other after-school activities without it.

In clubs, thanks again to Power Hour, I have been more involved this year than before. I resumed my newspaper career, while joining the new photography club it merged with, because I enjoy writing articles, and writing in general. I also resumed working on yearbook this year; albeit individually. I joined Music Club because music is one of the things I enjoy most, and it gives me a chance to try new instruments like guitar/ukulele. I joined philosophy club to listen to deep thoughts, and it was a new club. I joined AASIS club because Radford University is one of my possible four-year college choices. I also worked in choir club because I love to sing. Lastly, I have also resumed SGA, Beta, Interact, and Debate/Current Event. The point of Power Hour is to give us opportunities to try new things, or ask for help if needed. Those opportunities provide us responsibility and multitasking skills, which helps prepare us for college and adulthood; the better our multitasking skills, the better we can responsibly pursue our interests while handling any roadblock in our paths.

Throughout high school overall, I have been introduced to many new things every year. From freshman year, I saw things in a new way. I started careers in sports and made many new friends, discovered new talents and interests, and they helped me become the person I am now. My freshman year was only the beginning, but it was the second most important part of my high school life. My sophomore year was not too much different, but there were still so many new things that made it unique. The most important new activity I began was journalism and yearbook designing, and I have been doing so ever since. Journalism helped me get to know more students and more about my friends, and helped me become the person I am now. It also helped me further realize my writing talent, which was also an inspiration to take more challenging classes, because my most important goal is to put in work in anything I have talent in. Lastly, it was the year I did lip-sync battle for the first time, which tells me to stand out and express myself. My junior year was challenging, but also a huge step, and I became more involved than before. The new activities I started include taking college courses. With Power Hour being introduced then, I became involved in at least seven clubs that year, especially SGA. Most importantly, it was also the year I began choir. I started out shy in there, but overtime, with help from my teacher, I became more confident in my singing voice. When I became a senior, I began cross country before I would graduate high school, and new opportunities never stopped coming for me while resuming all my careers I did throughout high school. I took multitasking to a new level with two fall sports, and was a part of eight clubs. This made my senior year the busiest, most challenging, and most important year of my high school career. In the end, it shows the person I became throughout high school.

Below here are a few seniors that have shared their experiences and their plans.

  1. Shannon Healy enjoyed becoming “more social, talking with her friends, teachers, and cheering at the Friday night football games.” She was also a part of MACC for some of high school. She was a part of the yearbook staff, BETA, Dance, and SGA. She says: “High School changed me by helping me discover my true personality, and Cheer, MACC and hanging out with my friends helped with that.” She also says “live your life, have fun, and if things are going rough, take a deep breath.” She plans to attend Radford University.
  2. Tony Amato tried to get involved in everything he could, which helped him “get to know more people.” He enjoyed “being with the student body, whether it was in small classes or everyone at the pep rallies and football games.” He played football, baseball, was a participant in Math and All Around MACC, track, band, and was a member of boy scouts. He was also in Debate, Beta, Interact, SGA, newspaper, and chess. He says “high school helped me stand out for myself and it has turned me into a young adult.” He also says “do not be afraid to be involved and stand out, learn from your mistakes, and make friends with everyone, not just your fellow classmates, but teachers as well.” He plans to attend Virginia Tech, and major in mechanical engineering.
  3. Jace Fallon said it was “always fun and the best four years for me.” He enjoyed hanging out with his friends, and playing sports. He got to “meet new people, have fun, and not worry about anything.” The sports he did were track, basketball throughout high school, and cross country his senior year. Jace says high school helped him become “more responsible, and more social.” Lastly, he says “go out and involve yourself in activities, because high school goes fast.”

The year 2020 is one memorable year. Though the year was cut short, a lot has happened in Eastern Montgomery. Some of the stuff include the powderpuff sports events. They helped impact school spirit here, and create memorable moments for everyone in Eastern Montgomery. The senior class of 2020 have set big footprints, and are ready to pursue their goals.