My favorite show: Catfish!


Jami Stallard, writer

My favorite Television show is one hundred percent “Catfish The T.V Show.” The show consist of two guys helping people find their true loves or so it may seem. The term “catfish” means to “lure (someone) into a relationship by means of a fictional online persona.” This basically means that people make up fake or real people and pretend to be them. Sometimes in the show its actually the person they say they are. I really love this show because its not only entertaining but its very interesting to see how other people cope and deal like things such as heartbreak.

I watched an episode once and it was the most insane thing ever. There was this girl I forget what her name was but that’s besides the point, The girl made up this whole thing with her self and two or more other people to make herself famous. She came up with this elaborate plan and Nev and Max actually responded to her!

Me and my best friend Savannah love watching this show together. We bond over topics like this so it just feels very fitting that our favorite show is catfish. The show in general is very fun and entertaining. I suggest you check it out! Its always on MTV and I think you might really like it!