The Umbrella Academy:

The main characters for the Nextflix show The Umbrella Academy.

The main characters for the Nextflix show The Umbrella Academy.

Jamie Raczynski, contributing writer

The Umbrella Academy is a show on Netflix that came out on February 15, 2019. It is an amazing show based on a comic book by Gerard Way. The whole plot of the show is that on one day in 1989, 43 infants are inexplicably born to unconnected women who showed no signs of pregnancy the day before. Seven are adopted by billionaire Sir Reginald Hargreeves. He gave them all numbers based on their individual usefulness. There are different theories to what the numbers mean but no one really knows for sure. He has his “children” go out on missions throughout their childhood. They all grow up, move out of the house, and start their own lives so the team disbands. Fast forward to the present time, when the six surviving members reunite when they hear the news of their fathers passing. They work together to solve a mystery surrounding their father’s death, but all of them have clashing personalities and abilities that pull the family apart. They soon find out by number 5 coming back to the real time that the world is going to end in eight days. They have to work together to stop the world from ending.

Number one or Luther is extremely strong but he never leaves his father’s side. He never realized till the end of the show that his father actually wasn’t a good person and manipulated him. Reginald sent him to the moon for two years because he thought he was collecting information, but in reality, it was for basically nothing. 

Number two or Diego is a known trouble maker but he is very smart. His power is that he can throw knives extremely accurately. In the comics he can also hold his breath for inhumanly long periods of time but we don’t really see that in the show. Unlike luther, he does not like his dad and wasn’t really all that sad when he died. He has a really strong connection to their robot mom that Reginald made to help around the house. 

Number 3 or Allison has the powers to manipulate anyone to do whatever she wants them to do just by whispering in their ear “I heard a rumor”. For example in one of the fight scenes she tells a man “I heard a rumor you shot your friend in the foot” and he did just that. She is the only ex member that has a kid. 

Number 4 or Klaus is easily one of if not my favorite characters. His power is that he can see and talk to the dead. He can also bring them back into existence but it is extremely hard for him as he didn’t know he could do it till the end of the season. He was the most tortured as a kid  as hargreaves would lock him in a shed thing outside for days on end just so he can get over his fear of his power. This made him scared and mentally insane. His way of stopping this is drugs as he can not see the ghosts when he is high or drunk. He goes to desperate measures to get drugs and that gets him into a lot of trouble. He is one of the funniest characters as he doesn’t care about anything anymore because his life was ripped away from him. He is always cracking jokes and being sarcastic.

Number five is one of the most interesting characters in my opinion in the whole show. At age 13, Number 5 became trapped in the apocalyptic future for more than 60 years. He was never given a real name because he was stuck in the future when the other kids were given their real names. When he found a way back, his body regressed to that of his 13 year old self, while his mind stayed the same. As a result, he has the personality of a 60 year old, but trapped in a 13 year olds body.

Number six is one of the most mysterious characters. He died on a mission when they were young but no one knows how or when he died. He possesses the ability to summon weird and mysterious creatures through a portal to another dimension located in his body. Ben’s death is one of the main reasons that the Academy disbanded. Ben was not entirely gone however. Klaus’ power to communicate with the dead allowed him to see and talk to Ben when he was sober.

Last but not least in number seven, Vanya. Vanya seemingly has no superpowers. She had a talent for violin, and when she was an adult wrote an autobiography about her life as an ordinary member of The Umbrella Academy. But that turned out to be a lie. She not only was possessed with powers but was arguably the most powerful of the entire academy. Reginald discovered that her emotions were linked to her ability to harness sound and convert it into energy. This made her extremely destructive and very deadly when she gets uncontrollably mad. Reginald made Allison, convince her that she was an ordinary by using her own power. Vanya learned the truth about her powers when Leonard Peabody, her kind of boyfriend,  came across Reginald’s journal and manipulated her to gain revenge on the Academy. After all the revelations and the way she was treated by her family, Vanya triggered the apocalypse.

In conclusion, this show is a great show with amazing characters and a great nail biting plot. It’s a big roller coaster of emotions. One minute you are feeling sorry for what the kids and now adults went through and the next minute you are on the edge of your seat while watching suspenseful scenes where everyone could die at any moment. There is never a dull moment. Sometimes it can get confusing because the plot is kinda hard to follow as there is so much going on, but once you understand it, you can appreciate it just as much as I do.