TV review: Criminal Minds– An eye opening take on not so every day events

Logan Boone, contributing writer

 Criminal minds is a unique show that takes place in the eyes of both criminal, and a team of FBI profilers working to catch them. While the team is constantly gaining and losing members, the main 7 are Spencer Reid, a young genius with an eidetic memory, Derek Morgan, the muscle man, Aaron Hotchner, the team’s leader, Jennifer Jereau, the Liaison turned profiler, Emily Prentiss, a bad-girl with a hidden past, Penelope Garcia, the technical analyst with a very unique personality, and David Rossi, a Millionaire who founded the FBI’s behavioral analysis unit. 

     The team of profilers travel all over the country hunting down and arresting serial killers. I find this show interesting because it shows the point of view of both the team and the killer. It really helps give crucial details to the audience while the team is still left to figure it out for themselves. The point of view gives an extra sense of surprise and excitement to the audience. I feel like it really gives the audience a chance to engage with the show when they are able to see everything that is going on. It gives an urge to watch until the end to see how the team catches the killer. 

    Criminal Minds is also special for its inclusion of real world problems to the team. On multiple occasions throughout the 15 seasons, a member of the team has to deal with injuries, sickness, death of a loved one, and the occasional kidnapping or PTSD from a tough mission. Even though they always manage to turn out ok, it’s nice to see the hero deal with some of the same things we do from time to time.

    The audience for the show is around 14+ due to some language and killing scenes. If you like suspense and gore type shows and movies, this is definitely a show for you. While the acting is a bit rough, the writing and directing make up for it greatly. In my opinion, Criminal Minds expresses a family like environment like no other Tv show I’ve watched. The whole team has such a close bond that it makes watching the show so much more worth it. Their connection really helps you get to know and attached to certain characters throughout the seasons. 

   Overall, a show about crime and killings isn ́t so much about the deaths at all. It’s all about the strong bond that holds this team together and how they all work as one to take down the ¨baddies¨. Criminal Minds is emotional, suspenseful, exciting, and a great show to binge on a rainy day. I would recommend this show to anyone that loves a good, long series to get wrapped up in.