The Last Kingdom Review

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Uhtred’s Becoming:

The show takes place in the late 9th century where England is divided into seven different kingdoms. Our main character and antagonist Uhtred of Bebbanburg, also known as Osbert, was a born Saxon nobleman but soon later captured and raised by the Danes as one of theirs. Though out the story Uhtred wants to reclaim his birthright. The castle his fallen father’s brother has wrongfully taken from him. It is not simple to return, Uhtred has no army of his own, entering his home would mean immediate death. “Forced to choose between the country of his birth and the people of his upbringing, his loyalties are ever tested. What is he? Saxon or Dane? On a quest to reclaim his birthright, Uhtred must tread a dangerous path between both sides if he is to play his part in the birth of a new nation and, ultimately, recapture his ancestral lands.” -Netflix

So Uhtred takes up as King Alfred’s untamed warrior to gain standing within the court. Throughout Uhtred has had to choose between fighting for the Saxons or slaughtering his own kind, the Danes. Uhtred later becomes known as a Dane slayer and many believe him to have killed his own “adoptive” father. Ragnar, Uhtred’s step brother, believe different. Although has troubles between the two because of Uhtred’s loyalty to both sides.


Uhtred was known to have many lovers, most ended in devastation but nonetheless he was a lady’s man. The first, Brida, Uhtred’s friend and first lover growing up with the Danes. She served as a servant for Uhtred’s adoptive family. Mildrith, Uhtred’s first wife was the outcome of an arrangement that Uhtred had wanted in order to have land, but the land came with a piling debt to pay to the church. The pair soon split and here Uhtred named his first son after his father but soon past months later. Iseult was the Irish shadow queen. Iseult used her skills in craft to heal Alfred’s son resulting in the death of his own. She was later beheaded in battle by Danes sending Uhtred into a murderous rampage killing many. Having three children with what he believed to be the love of his life Gisela have a happy life but soon Uhtred’s fourth child and Gisela die much to his demise. Æthelflaed the kings daughter and loyal friend to Uhtred has had an ongoing crush on him. Though the pair has never officially gotten together because his grief and her arranged marriage the pair has shared a lovely kiss proving Uhtred’s feelings for her. Then their was Skade, not very much of a romance other than she casting a curse upon Uhtred forcing him to act as her man until he finally finds away to break the curse by killing her without drawing blood. So he drowns her in he river and he is curse free. Sigunn was Uhtred’s mistress for a while then came Eadith she was known to be his new mistress but later wife after the late Æthelred’s death.


Though all of these tragic relationships Osbert does have allies and friends he has grown fond of over time who have proved to always have his back. Beocca, Osbert’s late priest from childhood and his deceased sisters husband has time and time again always been there for Uhtred even when it comes to disobey the king. There was once Halig before he fell in battle beside Uhtred. Uhtred then revenged his death throughout the story by winning the war. Brida, Osbert’sold flame and childhood friend, even though it is a rocky relationship considering she then left Uhtred and dated his deceased brother. She has always cared and had his back to the best of her ability. Finan, a new edition to Uhtred’s band of what you would call mercenaries. Uhtred and Finan met on a slave boat and attempted to escape with each other with they failed but soon rescued when they reached land by Uhtred’s other priestess friend Hild. Sihtric was actually on the opposing side of Uhtred’s. Sihtric’s surrendered and offered to join them because he disliked his current boss. He proved his work and became a friend and works as his spy on occasions.

As the pain he deals with everyday and all the loses he does have some allies and friends to back him making everything a bit easier. As the fourth season approaches we assume there is going to be more painful loses but many are excited for his return and the rest of the cast. Overall if you like shows in the late centuries I believe The Last Kingdom is for you, if not refer it to a friend that is.