SGA Election Article

Shannon Healy, Writer

Earlier this month, EMHS hosted their annual SGA election. Although this year didn’t include many candidates, merely two for President and one for Vice President, but this didn’t stop these worthy candidates from really stepping up to the stage and giving it their all.

Eddie Ruiz, who ran for Vice President, won by a staggering amount of votes- a resounding 100%! Ruiz commented on this saying that he was “extremely shocked” when he had figured out he won the position of VP. The Presidential contest was a little bit more competitive, though, with Sam Cerva and Tony Amato both running for the position. Even though both with great speeches and honorable intentions for the school, Sam won by a mere six votes. It was very close race between two very worthy candidates!

Even though this election was about unearthing a new leader for our school, the representatives of the Student Government Association still play a big part in making the school a better place. Currently, SGA has no freshman representatives. Sophomore reps are comprised of Destiny Martin, Mary Sweeney-Catterton, and Brie Willie. The junior representatives consist of solely Jack Graves. And finally, senior representatives include Tony Amato, Laney Edwards, Shannon Healy, and Emma Mills. The SGA council are looking for more representatives for the freshman and junior class!

Everyone in SGA plays a big role in the school community. The representatives work very hard alongside the President to make the school a better and more fun place for the students and staff. From a new and improved Mustang Nation Night to some spooky plans for fundraisers in October, the SGA council has big plans in store for EMHS so get ready for an exciting 2019-2020 school year at Eastmont!