Different Genres of Music Affects on the Brain


Heather Chitwood, writer

Plato once stated, “Music is a moral law. It gives soul to the universe, wings to the mind, flight to the imagination, and charm and gaiety to life and everything.” People may have different reactions to different genres depending on their personality, but we all are impacted by music all the same. Before going into detail about which genres affect the brain, there are many things that happen inside the brain when you listen to music

According to, “How Music Genres Affect the Brain,” by ITSSARAGLOWS, different types of music can impact you differently.  Below is the information “How Music Genres Affect the Brain” shows:

  • Metal:  Can help with suicidal thoughts, feeling sad or depressed, being stressed, angrier. Since the music is loud and the screaming it can offset those thoughts and feelings.
  • Classical: Research has proven that classical can make you smarter. Classical is complex because it has many different sections and doesn’t repeat. It is a stress revealer and can give you a rush of dopamine because of the calming/pleasure feeling it gives you. It also can help you remember, so it is best to be listening to while studying.
  • Pop, Country, Reggae, Hip-Pop/Rap: The reason why these different sounding genres are put together is that they all mostly have the same effect on the brain. They’re repetitive which lead them to be very catchy and popular. This kind of music can produce a lot of dopamine and can make you want to sing/dance.
  • Jazz: Jazz music can send signals to your nervous system to tell it to lower your heart rate and make you feel calm.

Personally, I enjoy all of these genres of music and they deeply affect me depending on which genre I’m listening too. I like listening to all kinds of genres and artists depending on my mood. There are so many genres of music nowadays and genres that have clashed together and made a new genre. Music really can help me feel better for I had a hard day at school and probably for everyone else. I interviewed some other students at my school and asked for their opinion on what kind of music they enjoying listening and this is what they said:

My good friend Jehily Aguilar enjoys listening to Reggaeton genre. Her first language is Spanish, so she mostly listens to music where they’re speaking Spanish. Jehily’s favorite song at the moment is Eres Tú by Matisse and Reik.

A friend of mine named Daniel Gadd really likes the genre Rock. He likes the guitar and the melody. His favorite song at the moment is Santeria by Sublime. The band Sublime genre is considered Ska punk and Reggae rock.

A peer in my 4th block, Pedro Pizano-Franco’s favorite genre of music Psychedelic rock. Its origin is from genre like folk and jazz. Pedro’s favorite song at the moment is L.A. Women by The Doors.

No matter your favorite genre, listening to music can help you feel happy or sad. It makes a bad day into a better day, the music never fails to make me feel better and I bet the same for you. Music unites people and allows people who have so many differences come together and have something in common. That how many friendships start, for example I became friends with my friend Laralye, we shared the same type of music. Music is truly powerful.