Sports, E-sports


Daniel Gadd, writer

What defines a sport? Is it the team work? Is it the competition? Some people may say that certain things are not sports like cheerleading and other activities like that. I say that a sport is a really competitive thing that requires team effort. Some say that ESports is not technically considered a sport because it is not physically demanding. But I don’t see it that way. I think that Esports are just as much a sport as football or basketball.

First, some of you may not know much what E Sports. ESports are competitive video gaming tournaments. Many tournaments are between professional players and teams. Many tournaments take place in public spaces and are big conventions centers such as TwitchCon and VidCon. It is also where many streamers on different platforms developed their start.

Esports is a sport in my opinion because it takes a strategy and teamwork to compete in these high pressure, competitive events. They practice like any other sports team and they compete in matches that test their patience and will. They put all their time and devotion into this and I believe that they do this for sport. Check out the video  here to provide more context, but in my opinion Esports is a sport.