The Girl I Ignored

The Girl I Ignored

Laralye, Writer

I didn’t mean to ignore her. This school is small yet the higher up in the grades I go, the fewer people I tend to not know. Kiere was sweet though. She wasn’t afraid to talk to people she didn’t know, yet she was shy. She’s always been in Trenton and this was her second year in high school. 

Last year she was nervous but excited to be a highschooler. She decided that she wanted to try her extra hardest in school to impress her parents. She joined the choir because she enjoys singing in her free time when she’s not drawing. She meets a boy in middle school, seventh grade to be exact, and they hit it off. He was quite awkward and shy, but she loved that he was. She’s never been in a serious relationship like that before. She was nervous at first and never really looked him in the eyes, but as time passed she learned to relax. 

Her family life was pretty good. She has a cat and a hamster. She had two little siblings and her parents both worked a nine to five. Often she would have to take care of her sibling for a couple of hours before her parents arrived from work. She didn’t mind though. After her parents would come home she would draw until dinner was done and listened to her dad’s famous speech about how good grades would lead to a good life and a good life would lead to a good memory. Her dad never pushed anything on her but she knew it would mean a lot to him. 

What you couldn’t tell about Kiere was that she suffers from early-on dementia. It’s not too serious. She’ll just remember a face and not a name or a name and not a face or sometimes she’ll forget places that she has been before, like a grocery store or library. But it hardly ever affects her day to day life. She had head trauma in the eighth grade when she went skiing and it caused a mild case of dementia. So, just be patient if she doesn’t remember your name.

Kiere is a senior now and her dementia has gotten a bit worse. Not only does she forget acquaintances, she is forgetting a few of her routines that she typically does like brushing her teeth or checking to see if her cat has food. The one good thing about her condition that people around her really value is time with her. Her boyfriend has been by her side through thick and thin. Her parents make sure to tell her every day how proud they are of her. She sometimes doesn’t like the “special” attention she gets, but she knows why she’s getting it.

As for me the narrator, I regret not making myself known to her. I regret not getting to know her and being her friend. I regret ignoring her because she went on to do great things and become an award-winning artist and the world’s best mom. Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t mean to ignore her, my life just got too much me to handle and I lost the world moving around me. I wish I could have been her friend and I hope she continues to do well. 



The Girl that ignored you