Prom Expenses Too High?

Layla Thomas

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Prom is a dance for seniors and juniors as upperclassmen. It’s a great thing to experience during high school. However, the sad part is that some students don’t get to go due to financial reasons. Not being able to go to  a special and memorable dance because it’s not affordable is an issue that we could try to prevent.

Tickets are usually range from as low as $30-$35 per couple right up to $90-$100 per couple. Here at  Eastern Montgomery High school, tickets are $35 per person this year. That may not seem a lot to you, but this means it is $70 per couple. This is not including the corsage, dress, tux, accessories, etc. The total of everything, could be as high as 900$.

I think we as a community should come up with a plan to make kids who are financially unstable able to go to prom. We could do things such as fundraising for students as a choice, or even ask for donations. One of the items I like about this years prom is that there is going to be a sit down dinner instead of couples having to go eat somewhere before they arrive. I think this is a good idea because instead of paying $35 for their ticket as well as for a meal, the $35 worth of the prom ticket comes with the meal too! I hope we as a school could come up with more ideas to not only save money, but to help those who are unable to afford going to this dance, able to go.