“Respect the Drip Karen”

TikTok, the app that everyone is on while laying in bed, eating hot Cheetos, and a tub of ice cream. Millennials and Gen Z seem to enjoy watching random clips of people making short kits, singing, dancing, acting, cute animals, story times, and crying over heart breaks in just fifteen seconds or less. “It’s a fun app but it can be very addicting. It gets in the way of life, for example you’ll try and watch one video but instead you end up watching hundreds!” It used to be called but a new company bought the app and renamed it. Musers’ accounts were transferred to their new TikTok accounts. The new brand has had 200 million more active users monthly and is the third most downloaded app worldwide.

People create interesting content to become “Tiktok famous” and to show their true selves. E girls/boys, soft girls/boys, and vscos are the most common types of people to see. Creators try to come up with original ideas and put effort in their videos to get views and get recognized. They use tools like filters and lettering to make their videos look cooler.

Every week there is a new trend, for example “Hit The Woah” was a pretty popular dance move. “The git up dance,” “Barden Bella’s dance,” “Uno Dance,” are a few of the dances that took over TikTok for a while. Many challenges are trending like “Dip and Lean challenge” and “seniors are ready.” If you want to keep up with the trends and memes, you need TikTok. You won’t regret it, all the cool kids are on it.   😉

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