The Frontier Review

Beth Brammer, writer

The Frontier is a Netflix series starring Jason Momoa as Declan Harp. Declan Harp has an infamous reputation as a ruthless trader, widely known throughout the Frontier as the unhinged head of the Black Wolf Company. As he is perceived this way,but in reality, he as been betrayed by a higher up noble named Lord Benton. Which Benton led an attack to kill Harp’s people, including his wife and unborn child. Declan’s goal in the Frontier is to get his revenge on Benton, but other obstacles get in the way as they can not just off a well know noble.

As the main protagonist, as most would say, Landon Liboiron plays as Michael Smyth. Michael was originally from France I believe but was caught stealing to feed him and his friends. Thus, he stowed away on a ship the was heading for the new world and was stuck there with no way home. Michael was playing a double agent for Benton and Harp but eventually decided Harp was trustworthy and became friends with him. Betraying Benton made him and Harp prime suspects to arrest or kill on the spot for the whole season.

Zoe Boyle, portrayed as Miss Emberlee, is a bar owner and love interest of Harp. She is a faithful friend and ally to Harp, even though it led her to get married for his saftey and that includes also getting kidnapped by Benton sending Harp into a rage forcing him to work with Miss Emberlee’s “husband”. Emberlee also serves as an ally to many women who are mistreated. She gives them a place to stay at her bar and a job so they can support themselves.

Jessica Matten plays Sokanon, Harp’s most loyal friend and Michael’s complicated love. She was with Harp through the lose of his wife and child all the way to when Michael met Harp. Things became complicated because she rarely agreed on Michael’s plans, like Harp sending them into a difficult love-hate friendship. As time passed, Sokanon has slowly expressed that Michael should get over his helpless crush on his friend and hinted that he can do better. (By which she meant her). The two eventually shared a night together but as there relationship was put on strain by one of Michael’s decision had lead to the death of Sokanon’s dear friend.

These are Harp’s friend’s that he can rely on. Even through difficulty they have stuck to his side to the best of their abilities. The show is actually very in depth and always gives off a mystery.  Personally, I think that those who are intrigued by the time period when the new world was just starting,  will most likely enjoy this show. As there is only three seasons, many are hoping for a fourth, but there has been no news of the continuing or discontinuing.